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Advice for making Your Website Mobile Friendly


Mar 07, 2011

Have you finally decided it’s time to get on board the mobile commerce train? Well, it’s about time. It is estimated that there will be 1.7 billion mobile users in the year 2013. To get your piece of that pie, all you have to do is make your website friendlier to mobile users. Otherwise, you will experience an increase in lost sales and visitor stats as the world continues to move more toward mobile everything.

Mobile View

Have mobile plugins on your website, so that when a mobile device is detected, an interface designed for mobile use is loaded, rather than the normal website. It will make your website load faster on mobile devices. Just in case, also give users the option to view the website normally. It’s good to cover all your bases.

Smooth Navigation

When we talk about mobile devices, we are usually talking about smartphones. Please make it easy to navigate your website while on a smartphone. Really, your website should have easy flowing navigation no matter what, but especially for mobile users. They have less time and patience to find what they need. They want the bare bones, served up immediately. It pays to keep it simple.

Focused Content

Again, mobile users are usually in a hurry. Gear the content of your website more towards immediate answers. Avoid using five sentences when two will do just fine. It is not a contest to see who can cram the most text into a mobile webpage. Keep it relevant, important and constantly updated.

No Clutter

White space is even more precious when viewing a website from a mobile device. Try not frustrating your visitors by clogging up the page with tons of media and text all jumbled together. Picking out text from a page stuffed with media on a 3in screen is enough to make anyone cross-eyed.

Maybe all of the above advice seems kind of easy to do and obvious. Then ask yourself, why haven’t you done it yet? The train for mobile commerce will leave you behind if you don’t get on board soon.

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