Magento Strategy

We’ll make Magento work for you

You hire a Magento specialist for one reason: to deliver a scalable, easy-to-use eCommerce platform that offers your customers a multi- or omni-channel experience.

Through market research and collaboration with your team, we’ll identify key areas to leverage and plan a website that makes it easy for customers to shop and simple for your internal stakeholders to manage.

We can also help you integrate the right ERP, shipping system, and payment gateway to ensure all solutions match your specific needs and work seamlessly with Magento.

Magento Design

Mobile-first websites that increase conversions and simplify management

Shopping online should be intuitive for your customers. Managing your online business must be efficient. A Magento site from DotcomWeavers will be both because we spend a lot of time making sure the design psychology and UX strategy meets those needs.

Our design process varies based on your business and your industry. Whether you’re a parts manufacturer, automotive retailer, food seller or anything else, we’ll build a website, marketplace or multi-store that differentiates you and meets your business and customer expectations.

A byproduct of this design sensibility is increased search engine relevance so you get more clicks from qualified traffic.

Magento Projects

Here is some of our favorite Magento work.

Magento Development

Expertise to handle your Magento integrations and customizations

Magento’s power lies in its versatility and, thanks to its potential for customization, we can always build a perfect eCommerce solution for our clients. We’re here to differentiate your online store in a world where Amazon has become the gold standard for retailing while keeping your external customers and internal stakeholders happy.

From ERP integration (including legacy systems) to tiered pricing, customer segmentation, inventory management and more, we can build a scalable, conversion-focused Magento site that works for your business.

Magento also has an ecosystem of more than 8,000 modules and extensions that we can use to support and automate complex business processes from order processing to customer service.

Magento Certified

Our Magento specialists always go the extra mile for you

There’s a difference between companies who just work with Magento and companies that live and breathe it. We’re the latter. DotcomWeavers’ Magento expertise and experience means we know its power and limitations and can craft an eCommerce solution that works for you.

Our Magento design and development specialists will set realistic expectations and break your project into manageable phases that align with your timeline and budget. Thanks to their knowledge and training, we are proud to offer our clients holistic, 360-degree Magento solutions from ERP integration to customer service and beyond.


"DotcomWeavers exceeded our highest expectations. We are a small, family owned business in a small niche and had endured years of inadequate website support. As our company steadily grew, it seemed the web support was getting worse, so much so, we made the decision to invest in a high quality website. After weeks of research and interviews with several top firms, we selected Dot Com Weavers. They explained the process up front. They were able to give us an accurate timeline of when projects would be complete. They trained us on all features of the website. I would not recommend any other company for your website needs. Business has never been better."

Tanya Veit, CEO, AAE Glass

Let's Work Together

If you’ve got an eCommerce project and want to know if Magento is the right platform for you (and how we can help), we can help.

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