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Reed Patterson November 8, 2019

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Amsterdam. A maritime city home to the world’s first stock exchange, first multinational company, and (more recently) the biggest Magento event in Europe to date: Magento Live Europe 2019.

On October 22nd in the Dutch capital, five DotcomWeavers team members got a sneak peek into the future of eCommerce. That future belongs to businesses that can adapt to changing technology trends and customer expectations. 

And you guessed it: the flexible Magento 2 platform and its ever-improving extension ecosystem offer online retailers a powerful way to stay relevant and competitive in 2020 and beyond.

Magento Live Europe 2019 Technology Highlights

Magento Live Europe 2019 Tech Highlights

There were so many eye-opening insights at the conference. We’ve included some of our favorites below, but we can only scratch the surface. The tech landscape for eCommerce has never been so accessible. Companies that explore early will reap big rewards in the year ahead.

Multi-site Stores

Why limit your revenue to a single market when people around the world will buy your products if given the chance?

The Magento multi-site feature allows you to display your site in any language, in different currencies, and with market-specific content. And you can manage it all from a single backend.

Gone are the days of relying on a single website…but so are many of the headaches of managing multiple sites thanks to Magento. 

Progressive Web Apps (again)

PWAs offer blazing speed and engaging experiences that go far beyond native apps. Users can also access your PWA instantly – no need to download it from the App Store or Google Play.

Magento’s PWA Studio enables merchants and developers to create reliable, fast and engaging mobile experiences to boost conversion rates and increase engagement.

If PWA’s are the future of eCommerce, Magento is where that future lives.

A great example of Magento’s PWA capabilities is the Magento Page Builder tool. Via drag-and-drop, you can build a compelling, branded page in minutes without the help of a front-end developer. You’ll save time and resources while giving your customers better user experiences.

You can learn more about progressive web apps in our B2B eCommerce Trends for 2020 post.

Google Shopping Options

Magento businesses can analyze and manage their Google Shopping Ads through their Magento backend. This supports smarter, more dynamic shopping campaigns. Great news since Google Shopping has a 20% higher conversion value than other campaigns.

Easier Amazon Webstore / Web Services Integration

This section could go on for pages, so let’s leave it with this (for now): Amazon (hosting or selling) has become an integral part of many eCommerce strategies. Magento 2 makes it simple and seamless to integrate Amazon services into your business.

Adobe Target

Next-level analytics built into your Magento site. Adobe Target uses machine learning to help retailers personalize shopping experiences and Magento Commerce Cloud users get access to the Adobe Target integration.

Adobe Target leverages predictive analytics from Adobe Analytics to dissect customer data, predict future churn, and anticipate purchase behaviors. It’s just one more way Magento helps merchants get a 360-degree look at their business.

Mobile Optimization

As mobile sales continue to climb worldwide, the need for simpler, more streamlined mobile shopping experiences do too. No online business is exempt. 

Fortunately, Magento 2’s responsive capabilities already make it a mobile eCommerce powerhouse. And these features will continue to improve. Make sure your mobile strategy can keep up.

Certified to Succeed

Before you go, don’t forget that leveraging Magento’s full power requires a dedicated Magento development partner. That’s why we’re proud to announce that DotcomWeavers has three new Certified Magento Solution Specialists:

  • Arnold Shin | Project Manager
  • Navyasheel Chippa | Project Manager
  • Amit Bhaiya | CEO

Arnold, Navyasheel, and Amit, plus our other CMSSs, will help DotcomWeavers clients navigate and succeed on Magento 2 in the exciting eCommerce future.

Questions about Magento Live Europe 2019? Want to start a project? Drop us a line and a friendly eCommerce expert will get in touch.

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