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See some Magento examples

Here is some of our favorite Magento work.


Magento is a growth engine

More than 250,000 eCommerce sites use Magento, including some of the world’s most profitable brands.

Its flexibility and power help B2B and B2C merchants scale faster and adapt to changing customer expectations with minimal new development. Which means they can break into new markets and capitalize on more opportunities.

Whether you need a new site or want to re-platform, Magento is a low-cost-of-ownership option thanks to its high-scalability and robust sales features.

Magento Strategy

We’ll make Magento work for you

You choose a Magento Solution Partner for one reason: to get a scalable, conversion-focused digital store that offers your customers a multi- or omni-channel experience.

Through market research and collaboration with you, we’ll plan a website that makes it easy for customers to browse and buy, and simple for your team to manage.

We can also integrate the right ERP, shipping system, and payment gateway to ensure all solutions work together to help you grow your business.


We hired Dotcomweavers to redesign our Magento site. They really care about the companies they work with and invest themselves for the long haul, giving guidance and advice for growth and long-term goals.

Ashley Brenenstuhl, Project Manager, Confectionery House

Magento Design

Convert more customers

Shopping online should be convenient for your customers no matter what device they use. And managing your online business must be efficient wherever you are.

A Magento site from DotcomWeavers will be both because our design style combines intuitive frontend UX with tight backend management. A byproduct of this is increased search engine relevance so you get more clicks from qualified traffic.

With us, your website, marketplace or multistore will set a new standard for eCommerce sites in your industry. Not a bad thing when you want to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Magento Development

Business-focused integration and customization

Our developers prefer Magento because it’s both powerful and customizable, which means they can build the perfect platform for your eCommerce needs.

Magento also has an ecosystem 8,000+ extensions to simplify complex business processes like order processing and customer service.

From ERP integration (including legacy systems) and CRMs to tiered pricing, customer segmentation, inventory management and more, we’ll build you a scalable Magento site that automates the tedious stuff and lets you focus on growing your business.

Magento Certified

Magento specialists on your team

There’s a big difference between companies that work with Magento and companies that live and breathe it. We’re the latter. We give our clients holistic, 360-degree Magento solutions from ERP integration to customer service and beyond.

It all comes down to process, which comes from experience. Our Magento design and development specialists will set realistic expectations and break your project into manageable phases that align with your timeline and budget.

Put simply: our Magento expertise means we can deliver a winning eCommerce solution that works for your business.

Need an Upgrade?

In the right hands, Magento has the power to transform businesses. If you’ve got an eCommerce project and want to know how a Magento website can integrate your systems and help you win more customers, get in touch today.

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