Landing Pages: The Do’s and Don’ts


Mar 22, 2011

It’s hard to believe that in 2011, there are still internet ads that link to landing pages that are just terrible. It’s really important to make sure you have a landing page that is converting customers. If you spent the time, effort and money in web marketing, then it only makes sense to include making quality landing pages as a task. You’ve worked so hard to get traffic on your website, convincing people to click through on your ads or otherwise. It would be a shame if it all went to waste.

  • Make the action obvious. The whole point of a landing page is for visitors to buy something, sign up, fill out a form or DO something. What it is you want them to do should be obvious and very much in their face.
  • Make the choices few and obvious. The landing page is about focusing visitor attention on your action. Avoid giving them a plethora of other options or they may click away from the purpose of the page.
  • Look professional. There are still trust issues with shopping online. Make your landing page look legitimate. Many surfers follow this mantra: if it’s spammy, its scammy. So avoid unnecessary spam on landing pages and stick to the point.
  • Keep it short, sweet and to the point. Keep your message, forms and actions easy for visitors to grasp and do. Don’t use 10 words where 3 will do. Keep form fields to a minimum. Make actions one-click. Best marketing advice ever: Keep It Simple Stupid.
  • Nothing too fancy. Your message should be simple and plain to see, so don’t take away from this by adding a lot of media. Again, the landing page is all about the action you want visitors to take. Keep the clutter away. If it’s not directly related to the action, then you probably do not need it on the page.
  • Be consistent with ads. Make sure what visitors see on the landing page is consistent with what they say when they clicked your ad. Consistency is important to consumers. It helps them trust you, which helps further their impulse to buy.
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