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Choosing the right ecommerce platform is critical to the success of any company, even ones that do not specifically focus on the online market. Different platforms offer different solutions and products for merchants and provide different benefits for consumers, so it becomes critically important to understand the pros and cons of different services and then compare and contrast them in order to create the most effective and relevant commercial solution possible. By finding the right ecommerce platform, a company can obtain benefits and advantages wholly unique to their individual situations and tailor their overall business strategies to match their own needs.

Magento, Shopify, and Miva all offer platforms that may be appropriate to one’s business, depending on the actual needs of the company. Indeed, most of these services are typically designed to offer merchants a broad variety of packages and benefits depending on the level of business activity a company feels it experiences.

Shopify, likewise, acts as a powerful alternative to Magento. Shopify is another online ecommerce platform that allows merchants to create online stores with minimal cost to themselves in terms of time and money invested, yet are given a quality product that is a top-tier industry competitor. Nonetheless, Shopify is aimed primarily at making sure that smaller companies can compete online without excessive costs to their business operations. Whereas Magento offers a free, a nearly-free, and an expensive product, Shopify is aimed instead at offering a basic, professional, and unlimited edition of their software and product services. These cost $14, $29, $79, and $179 editions called Basic, Professional, and Unlimited. Their Enterprise Edition is not listed on their pricing plan and is available only after individual inquiry.

The Basic Edition offers free setup, unlimited bandwidth, a discount code engine, and 1 GB of file storage on Shopify’s servers. The Professional Edition increases the number of products available in a merchant’s store to 2,500, offers a five fold increase in file storage, and accepts credit card payments at a lower rate per transaction. The Unlimited Edition offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited products in the store, unlimited file storage, and what is referred to as real-time carrier shipping as the core features.

As such, Shopify is orientated at making sure smaller businesses that can spare some money for online ecommerce platforms can use this software and program features to enhance their own business.

Miva is more of a full-service company that focuses on providing not only ecommerce solutions, but also important additional services that are directed at industry analysis and other commercial design packages. Their baseline product starts at mere $49 a month, and offers 10GB of data storage, an unlimited number of products for a merchant’s online store, ten free email accounts, a free domain name, search engine optimization work by Miva, free Google advertising, and free setup. Moreover, this Boutique edition comes with in-house technical support available around the clock and the company encourages hiring Miva to manage the online aspect of a business in order to maximize the amount of time an owner can spend actually working on his business.

Even better, Miva offers a variety of online commercial marketing solutions and advising options that other services do not. The company says that it can edit, modify, or otherwise change an existing website, help to integrate different online payment options through a single site, and even use Miva’s in-house industry experts to make sure that merchants are getting the best quality product available on the market today.

In addition, Miva offers a powerful security package as part of its quality assurance guarantees. Able to effectively integrate advanced security measures into the package offerings is a great incentive to allow workers the ability to int

Unlike the other options presented by Shopify and Magento, Miva focuses heavily on total integration and complete optimization of a merchant’s ecommerce solutions into a single package. It includes full featured and completely fleshed out API options, scalable database management, effective inventory management techniques, payment integration, accounting services, and above all a community that is driven to offer an all-inclusive package that will not leave any aspect of online commerce lacking. If anything, Miva is about offering a complete package at a competitive price that is guaranteed to make sure that any online business interested in business operations online will be met with the greatest success possible.

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