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Ecommerce integration by Monsoon Stone Edge:

Stone Edge is a flexible, customizable, and completely open source system aimed at providing and supporting warehouse management features to clients. By using our system, individuals will be able to access export and import inventory data, send and receive web orders to and from Stone Edge, receive order status updates as well as receive tracking information. These benefits and perks are all aimed at ensuring maximum efficacy with regards to management of inventory stocks, processing of orders, shipping information and label generation, payment methods, and numerous other aspects of operations management. Monsoon Commerce Stone Edge is the industry’s premier choice of software for small to medium-sized multi-channel retailers.

Monsoon Commerce, realizes that expediency and accessibility are critical components to your online retail business. Monsoon Commerce is aimed at four key areas:

1. Exporting and important current inventory datasets to Stone Edge.

2. Sending web orders directly to Stone Edge

3. Receiving order status updates from Stone Edge

4. Receiving updating and live order tracking information from Stone Edge.

In addition, we offer a completely integrated barcode pick and pack system, crafted by Barcoders, Inc. The pick and pack system is aimed at reducing employee error and is critically important in ensuring constant, updated order status information that will increase optimization and accessibility of operations. This is just one of many useful partnerships that Monsoon has created in order to provide the best software package possible.


Order and Inventory Management

Order and inventory management is critical to any business, be it a brick-and-mortar store or an online retailer. Monsoon Commerce’ Stone Edge offers the most complete ecommerce integration package around, and our emphasis on order and inventory management speaks to this strong reputation.

Without effective and speedy inventory management, a business is guaranteed to suffer from inefficacy, slowdowns, and weak ties with its customers. At Monsoon, we streamline product to make sure that you are able to constantly access and update your inventory from our software, as well as export and important inventory datasets. Not only does a single, integrated software package ensure speedy processing and delivery, but it cuts costly processing costs and helps to ensure happy customers. Moreover, there is no need for an expensive ecommerce software package—Monsoon’s Stone Edge does everything a multi-channel retailer needs.

Stone Edge offers the ability to view your entire inventory in a single glance. Not only can you view all current stock and location codes, but you can also view the order status and availability through a variety of different filtering options, such as sales channel, warehouse location, and customer identification.

Send Web Orders to Stone Edge

Automaticity is key, and without a way to manage your web orders directly, your business is almost undoubtedly suffering from at least some level of inefficiency. Ecommerce integration by Monsoon Commerce Stone Edge is the best way to make sure that all of your orders are parsed, processed, and sent to their respective channels for fulfillment without missing a beat.

An effective system to manage purchases is critical to ensuring not only customer satisfaction, but also relative cost profitability with regards to a company’s ability to market its own goods online. Monsoon Stone Edge does this job for you—by making the purchasing process automatic and by automating the demand planning and requisition efforts, your business will benefit from greatly increased cost effectiveness and productivity.

Monsoon Stone Edge offers storage and management of individual vendors. This means that the system will automatically form individual and customized datasets, schedules of vendor activity, automatic purchasing and stock settings, and a host of other optimization benefits aimed at making sure your employees have the full range of tools available to them. This all part of Stone Edge’s dedication to making sure that your company is fully optimized and integrated into the modern marketplace. By making sure that you can send and receive web orders directly into the software, Stone Edge is guaranteed to be the best option available possible for making sure that you and your employees are ahead of the game.

Receiving order status updates from Stone Edge

Ecommerce integration by Monsoon Commerce Stone Edge is not limited to client-side operations and inventory management. A fully fleshed out and developed system of open source software, Stone Edge is a complete platform aimed at multi-channel retailers. To further this goal, Stone Edge comes equipped with the ability to send and receive order status updates directly to you and your employees—in other words, every order is tracked and its status updated continuously, with updates sent you per your individual settings.  Moreover, Stone Edge enables you and your employees to make sure that your customers can get real-time updates on the status of their orders without cause for concern.

Receiving updating and live order tracking information from Stone Edge.

Monsoon Commerce Stone Edge is the leading ecommerce integration software platform for small to medium multichannel online retailers. Ecommerce is largely about trust—trust between client and customer is critically important. To facilitate this bond, Stone Edge offers you and your employees the ability to receive updated and live order tracking information in real-time. This means, in effect, that the entire system of ensuring orders are tracked and processed is completely automated, and it offers you complete flexibility in making sure that all orders are processed correctly. Moreover, the software guarantees that you will be able to rush orders, check back orders, view status updates on returns, exchanges, and future/recurring orders.

Pick and Pack

The pick and pack system is immensely useful in making sure that all orders are processed, tracked, and shipped in accordance with a client’s instructions. Barcoders, Inc., offers the best option for an ecommerce integrated software platform. Not only is the system integrated into our software, but it is optimized to guarantee effective tracking and updating with your own, customizable and individual settings.

Salient Features

Seamlessly  integrates with 20 leading Ecommerce platforms

Scalable from 10 orders / day to 5000 orders /Day

Compatible with 10 payment gateways.

Integrates several popular third-party accounting packages.

Fully interoperable with leading warehouse management.

Drop shipping, barcoding, and EDI systems.

Ecommerce integration by Monsoon Commerce Stone Edge is the industry’s leading software platform aimed at multi-channel online retailers. Stone Edge offers a cohesive, complete software package that is aimed at improving efficiency in operations management

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