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Magento Ecomerece solutions for Big, Medium and small Business

Magento offers three primary packages for ecommerce solutions. These packages are called Community, Magento Go, and Enterprise. These various editions are aimed at startups, small businesses, and medium to large businesses that require substantial marketing and ecommerce investment that will allow them to actualize their commercial goals.

The Community Edition is a free package of software benefits offered by Magento that enables users the ability to include program extensions, API integrations, and various stock themes on their websites. While somewhat limited in the sense that the company offers only general stock themes for its free services, this is an important aspect to Magento’s success given that the company is aimed at increasing its reputation in the marketplace. Offering free-to-access designer software is a great way of insuring that the company can influence the behavior and market segmentation of its various customers without having to risk consumer alienation due to high prices. Indeed, by offering a free package,

Magento ecommerce successfully integrates itself into the world of startup ecommerce websites, enabling it to access new and young markets free of charge and with no risk to itself. Likewise, it is likely that if a small company receives benefits from the free package, upgrading to Magento Go is an easy step that offers vastly increased functionality at a cheap price.

The Magento Ecommerce Community Edition offers developers the ability to change and modify the existing code to meet their specific parameters, as well as access to technical support forums where other users can help each other solve problems and questions regarding the best way to use the software. As a method of offering companies that are unable or unwilling to pay large sums of money for a customized site, the Community Edition is a great way for newer and smaller businesses to succeed in the ecommerce business without fear of investing too heavily in solutions that may be beyond their financial means, at least initially. Moreover, by striking up a conversation with Magento, smaller companies can easily move up the product ladder to something like the Go Edition, knowing full well the extent of support they will receive.

Magento Go is aimed specifically at merchants who, while new to ecommerce and online business transaction, are nonetheless prioritizing pushing forward with their online presence and working in the industry to make a brand name and reputation for themselves. Moreover, by establishing a more advanced system that merchants can take advantage of, Magento Go allows these product providers the ability to continue expanding their markets and attract new customers through ecommerce efforts that may result in a higher conversion rate of consumers to product sales.

Moreover, Magento Go is the logical upgrade route for merchants already well-versed in the ecommerce platform put forth by the Community Edition of Magento. Go offers merchants upgrades, hosting, and other customizability options that greatly enhances the ability of product providers to conduct their business online in lieu of the Community Edition. Lastly, the Go version offers developers a unique product aimed at allowing them the capacity to continue developing specific websites and online stores for their customers, all without worrying about exorbitant fees to use software or massive flat fees that can put the product out of the reach of much of the market.

However, it is in Magento’s Enterprise Edition that the company really begins to shine. This is their hallmark product, and carries with it a hefty price tag, running over $15,000 a year for continued support and licensing fees. As their flagship product, the Enterprise Edition is the method by which Magento appeals to the most financially secure companies, companies that can afford to drop thousands of dollars on marketing and ecommerce without blinking an eye. Moreover, Magento offers greatly enhanced services, integration, and support for clients that choose the Enterprise Edition.

Some of the services Enterprise offer are the presence of technical support staff on call whenever a consumer could need them, a special consulting group designed and trained to offer unique advice to particular companies in order to maximize the benefits the customers receive from the Enterprise Edition, and offer a broad swath of options and features aimed at making sure the product delivers on all that it can. These core features include an emphasis on attracting and retaining more customers, the ability to completely customize and modify an online store, search engine optimization (SEO) work for online merchants, a completely integrated purchasing system that inspires confidence and security in the consumer’s company, as well as support for mobile commerce options and numerous other product features. Clearly, the Enterprise Edition is one worth purchasing for clients interested in using the expertise and power of Magento in their online marketing and commerce efforts.

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