Email Marketing: Best Service Providers

A Look at the Top Email Marketing Service Providers

Email marketing is essential for businesses of any size. Whether you have millions of customers or a few dozen customers, the rewards of email marketing are well worth the investment. When companies use email marketing, they are able to deliver tailored promotional materials, advertisements, and communications to their entire customer base. For occasions that require selectivity, businesses can use email marketing to launch a highly focused campaign. However, if you want to get started in email marketing, you can’t simply send out mass emails through your standard business email account. In order to send bulk emails, you will need to solicit the assistance of an email marketing service provider. Yet, if you are new to email marketing, finding a service provider that meets your needs can be a daunting challenge. Here, we will look at the top email marketing service providers and the solutions they can provide for your business.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a name that you will hear often when you are reviewing email marketing service providers. As the positive buzz suggests, Constant Contact is one of the leading email marketing service providers and one of the most widely known. A primary advantage of Constant Contact is its cost. Constant Contact tailors its services with the small business in mind and provides generous discounts for nonprofit organizations. Constant Contact also benefits those who are new to email marketing by providing a free trial period to try their services before making a commitment. Yet, users don’t have to sacrifice price for quality. Another benefit of Constant Contact is that the service provides free support, which can be beneficial for businesses with less expertise. If you want to get a feel for email marketing before testing other services, Constant Contact can be a great place to start.


Mailchimp is also among the top companies when it comes to name recognition. With Mailchimp, businesses will never run out of options for customizing and personalizing their marketing campaigns. A primary advantage of Mailchimp is that it allows businesses to integrate other online tools, such as RSS, to email correspondence. The service also offers plenty of free templates to allow a full range of customization in your marketing campaign. Cost is also a primary advantage of using Mailchimp. Small businesses can benefit from the Forever Free plan, which allows businesses to send up to 12,000 emails to up to 2,000 subscribers per month. Because Mailchimp does not require businesses to sign a contract or enter a credit card, there is no pressure to upgrade to paid services. This makes Mailchimp ideal for businesses that want to test the waters without commitment.


iContact is a great option for businesses that wish to integrate social media with their email marketing campaigns. Through a seamless process, businesses can monitor the performance of their email and Internet campaigns through a single reporting dashboard. iContact boasts the highest deliverability rate and makes it easy for users to track the effectiveness of their campaigns. Because of its user-friendly applications, iContact is a favorite for smaller businesses. The company offers original email marketing software that enables businesses of any size to navigate through the process of launching an email marketing campaign. Further, users can access templates for high quality email correspondences and campaigns. The ease of using iContact makes this email marketing service a top choice among smaller businesses that wish to take a do-it-yourself approach to email marketing.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is ideal for businesses that are seeking professional quality services. The primary benefit of Benchmark Email is that it allows businesses to create well-designed emails that are hard for prospects to overlook. Benchmark Email provides hundreds of high quality templates that are specifically designed for specific purposes. So if you want templates for newsletters, events, and promotions that have the appearance of being custom-made, Benchmark Email is a great choice. In addition to providing a wide range of templates, Benchmark Email offers tools that allow both novice and experienced designers to polish any template. The ability to create eye-catching graphics is the main advantage of using this service. While price is not a main advantage of the service, Benchmark Email does provide discounts for non-profit organizations. The service also offers free accounts, yet the limitations on free accounts make it ideal to go with the paid subscription.


Pinpointe is ideal for companies that specialize in B2b marketing campaigns. A distinguishing feature of Pinpointe is that the service is cloud-based, enabling businesses to collaborate on campaigns from decentralized locations. As a cloud-based service, Pinpointe has a reputation for overall reliability and is counted on by businesses of all sizes. Another key benefit of Pinpointe is that it enables businesses to be highly responsive to consumer behaviors. Through the service, businesses can track the clicking habits of businesses and even send follow-up emails when users respond to specific email links. Pinpointe offers highly detailed analytical tools that make it easy to center email marketing strategy on the behavior of the email recipients. Flexible billing is an added feature of the service. Users can choose to pay for monthly services or renew their subscription once every 6 months.


Boasting an easy-to-manage platform, Mailigen provides users with highly integrated marketing services. For businesses that use a variety of Internet marketing campaigns, including social media, blogging, or affiliate advertisement, Mailigen provides great value. The seamless interface of Mailigen makes the service easy to use for novices by providing easy-to-use tools for tracking the performance of social media content. Mailigen also makes it easy for even the artistically challenged to customize their email templates. The Drag‘n’Drop Email Editor allows users to achieve nearly any look they want at the click of the button. As an added bonus, Mailigen offers its users a 30-day trial to test out their services.

Which Service Provider is Right For Your Business?

When choosing one of the top email marketing service providers, consider which features or services are most important to your business. Businesses and non-profit organizations that are concerned with price might want to select a discount service or a provider that offers extensive services a part of its free account. Those who are concerned with quality should choose a service provider that makes customization easy and offers professional quality services. Businesses that have a large client base or target diverse market segments can benefit from quality analytical tools. Regardless of the priorities, businesses will find several email marketing service providers that can meet their needs.

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