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ERP DDI systems.

DDI Systems’ flagship product Inform is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that is built around the concept of wholesale distribution management. Inform is used to manage, consolidate, aggregate, and otherwise manipulate flat files using FTP. The basic operation of this particular ERP DDI system is to establish communication with DDI Systems and send the order to them, only to receive back inventory updates, confirmations, and order status and tracking information.

The key to the Wholesale Distribution Management System and the Inform software is to help business operations increase efficiency in all areas. First and foremost, Inform can be used in order to manage inventory at appropriate levels and ensure that excessive extra stock is not ordered. The ability to track and verify stock levels in one consolidated system is one of the single greatest benefits this ERP system has. In addition to inventory management, the software also keeps and analyzes item-specific GMROI reports, has automatic purchasing forecasts with the option to set up recurring orders per user request, and also includes the ability to check the arrival dates of various stock in order to remove it pending a quality assurance review check.

ERP DDI systems, moreover, have the unique ability to “drill-down” accounting to the level of individual transactions, which is an impressive capacity that can be used to find any discrepancies in a company’s finances. Moreover, by retaining the ability to analyze expenditure on an individual level, the system is able to create simple, yet effective invoices and financial reports. Lastly, the system enables the user to disburse cash payments through various payment gateways, all of which helps with efficiency, speed, and overall performance of business operations.

Next, the wholesale distribution management system by DDI Systems offers users a unique capability, specific to the Inform software platform. Inform is an incredibly versatile and customizable platform that affords individuals a host of unique opportunities and benefits that other software does not. Inform’s innovative strategic pricing tools are one example of this.  Inform allows users to use a tool called the “Margin Manager” and “Price Matrix”, which can set personalized customer pricing based on consumer records and notes.

Moreover, users can use these tools to create automatic, completely hands-off price changes on given inventory based on elements the user inputs. This ERP DDI system, in addition, can be set up to send alerts and notifications to the user if and when the price of a given good drops below a certain profit margin, or perhaps becomes unprofitable completely. These are all examples of the ways in which Inform can be used to manage and increase the profitability, accessibility, and overall efficiency of internal business operations.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, Inform uses a system of warehouse management that is less common, yet arguably more effective, than other competitors. Inform ERP Complete Warehouse Management System uses real-time radio frequencies and transmitters to mark the location of all orders, items, inventory, and other elements present in the warehouse. An ecommerce integration ERP DDI system that uses this Complete Warehouse Management System does so in order to offer fantastic and impressive barcode analysis, location transcoding, and transfer capabilities that work together to ensure maximum clarity of warehouse operations.

In addition to real-time radio frequencies being used in order to manage inventory handling, Inform  Warehouse Management System also has simple, easily accessible shipping and transfer operations. Inform comes with completely automated inventory stock receiving and bin assignment tools, which allows it to reorder needed materials and process incoming orders completely without user input.

In a twist that many people will like, Inform  flagship software platform Inform also offers wireless and paperless warehouse management options, which is yet another indication of the ways in which the company is dedicated towards creating a modern, efficient warehouse environment. By embracing a wireless warehouse management style, personnel are less hampered by the physical constraints and liability of paper requirements and can focus on the work at hand.

As an e-commerce integration solution, Inform ERP system is incredibly useful for distributors. Inform offers distributors to have a real-time, constantly updated, single system for e-commerce activities and functions. This means, in essence, that companies need not worry about paper duplicates, order information, or a host of other tedious tasks that tie down valuable personnel and resources. With all the information for the business aggregated into a single, accessible database, users can operate their online stores with ease, can access updated, real-time order information and order statuses, as well as provide customers with a direct look at exactly what the client is interested in.

Inform ERP Includes

  • Manage Complex Inventory
  • Forecasting & Demand
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Strategic Customer Pricing
  • Full Cycle Order Management
  • CRM
  • Sales Management
  • Business Analysis Dashboards
  • Real-Time Inform eCommerce
  • Supply Chain Data Exchange

Industry Specific Features




Margin Manager Pricing System

E-Commerce & Advanced Sales Tools

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)



Contract and Matrix Pricing Solutions

Lot Tracking and Kitting Functionality

Customer Order History



Point of Sale & Credit Card Processing

Group Calendaring for Customer Service

Product Data-File Integration



Export Reports to MS Excel

Complete Financial Management

Advanced Warehouse


Moreover, Inform allows users to offer customers a virtual, all-digital service desk of features, benefits, and amenities that the system allows the user to access.

In terms of reporting software and data representation, Inform offers strong support for business metrics, statistical analysis, and other metrics of financial data. If a user is looking for business performance, he need only go to Inform Analytics, which can provide real-time and instantaneous access to business operations and financial data. Moreover, information that is precisely accurate down to the last single item in stock can be accessed with Inform’s very own visual report writer, which is an effective tool used to create and display graphical data in picture form.

In addition, Inform’s powerful analytics can also offer a myriad of individual reports based on customer, user, order, purchase date, inventory, and many other filter options.

Lastly, Inform’s software is aimed at communication. Inform ERP system used by DDI make it easy for employers to contact their customers via email. Users can also contact their own staff, maintain constant and effective communication, make phone calls and synchronize company calendars to a single source, create and implement mobile applications for smartphones or mobile devices in order to increase cohesiveness and communication, and can even display appropriate levels of customer information to employees in a safe and secure manner.

DDI Systems’ Inform is an incredibly powerful and customizable tool used for Wholesale Distribution Management. As an ERP system that uses FTP to communicate, Inform is a fantastic tool for any business looking to optimize its internal business operations and management techniques.

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