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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services provides exceptional solutions for both large and small businesses that seek a secure, flexible and minimal cost solution for their online sales as well as retail aspect. It is the hope of using ecommerce integration for businesses to be successful with the advent of the Internet. The consumer base will undoubtedly find that through the ecommerce integration that the processing of orders in addition to financial transactions runs smoother than it may have in the past.

By using a website with the traditional framework of business operation, the Amazon Web Services platform will provide consumers a fast way of making purchases while managing transactions efficiently and effectively with nominal or no human interaction or support. By setting up integrations with Amazon Web Services, it has allowed for the importing of orders automatically via the Amazon Merchant account of the consumer’s preference of system utilizing the web services technology. It has also provided the ability to update an order’s status as well as tracking information into Amazon via web services. Additionally, product inventory has now been given the capability of being integrated and updated into Amazon by using the web services.

Advantages of using Amazon Web Services

  • No Upfront Investment
  • Low Ongoing Cost
  • Flexible Capacity
  • Speed & Agility
  • Apps not Ops
  • Global Reach

In using Amazon Web Services, smaller businesses are afforded the opportunity of being able to quickly sell their products by using this ecommerce integration. It becomes an absolute need in terms of staying on top of the varying responsibilities that come with running a business. Entrepreneurs have utilized ecommerce as a way of ensuring that their products get in front of potential customers as fast as possible. Additionally, information and support can be provided sufficiently and effortlessly with ecommerce integration platforms such as Amazon Web Services. Smaller business websites are by and large referred to as shopping carts and payment gateways as these websites are essentially a virtual shopping cart for consumers to purchase products. When looking at the Amazon Web Services integration for larger companies, it becomes all the more important for consumers that have larger number of items they need to do their shopping via the Internet. This means ensuring that the ecommerce integration is even more web savvy with superb and dynamic technology. Larger companies that use ecommerce integration such as Amazon Web Services tend to step up their marketing processes in order to ensure that consumers feel comfortable and confident in making purchases online.

Consumers often use a twofold methodology in making purchases in today’s retail marketplace. First, the consumer will search and peruse through a variety of prices for their products online and then place their orders via the respective ecommerce websites. This makes it all the more important for Amazon Web Services to make it as easy and as fast as possible for consumers to know when their order is arriving via the order status and tracking information and to know that they can rely on certain businesses to have their product. Amazon Web Services ensures that a business’ product inventory is continuously updated so when the consumer goes to purchase the item, it is actually available for purchase.

Benefits to Businesses that Use Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services provides a flexible cloud computing solution for businesses. One of the most interesting aspects of the ecommerce integration of Amazon Web Services is that it provides SDKs for many platforms such as Java, PHP and Ruby. Business consumers of all sizes can take full advantage of the cloud infrastructure as Amazon Web Services only charges for the resources that are actually used. This provides an opportunity for businesses to eliminate their need for hardware and administrative hassle that usually goes along with operations of a larger scale. Additionally, the cloud computing benefits of this ecommerce platform provides for massive projects of a computational nature to be done and completed in minutes, and offers an architectural scaling up and down in order to provide the resources of IT needed, as they are needed.

The Amazon Web Services platform provides an easier way for businesses to quickly deploy and manage their applications via the cloud successfully through what is known as the Elastic Beanstalk. Following an upload of an application, the Elastic Beanstalk performs a hose of deployment details including auto scaling, application health monitoring, capacity provisioning and load balancing. This ensures that resources within the business are being efficiently and effectively utilized and there are minimal, if any issues. The Electric Beanstalk effectively leverages services such as the Amazon Simple Notification Service, the Amazon Simple Storage Service and the Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute, which are all dynamic services within the Amazon Web Services platform.

The Bottom-line

Amazon Web Services definitely is the choice for product hosting and taking the confusion and hassle out of other hosting solutions. It removes the headaches for the businesses as far as ensuring that product inventory is properly managed and updated and for consumers when they want to know the status of their order. Amazon Web Services provides a refreshing approach to the technical landscape regardless of the amount of traffic a site receives. Amazon Web Services is an exceptional performance based master in the realm of cloud technology. The power of the Amazon Web Services performance is in its storage capabilities. Perhaps the most important feature, however that all businesses can capitalize on from the hosting platform is flexibility. Each of the services within the platform work together cohesively and communicate together with business applications in order to automatically and seamlessly judge demand and accordingly handle what is needed to be handed.

The Amazon Web Services platform was officially launched in the year, 2006. With a variety of services available such as the Amazon Redshift, for petabyte scale data warehousing; the Amazon Glacier, a low cost storage option; the Amazon Elastic Beanstalk for deployment; Amazon CloudWatch, which provides monitoring for resources and applications within the Amazon Web Services cloud; to the Amazon SimpleDB, which offers developers the ability to run queries on structured data, AWS is a beneficial platform for any businesses and consumer ecommerce needs.

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