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Is Your Payment Process Costing You?


Jul 30, 2010

Have you ever went shopping in a department store and had pleasant time walking around finding that the store has every item you are looking for and getting discount prices?  Sounds like an enjoyable day out shopping to me, until you get to the cashiers and the lines are longer than a new product release at an Apple store.  If you are one of the few customers with the patience to tough out the line, you make it to the cashier only to find that your items are actually not on discount!

This is a shopping nightmare for many, especially during the holidays.  This is one of the reasons why online shopping has steadily grown in the past years.  However, this unpleasant experience has its digital parallel online.  Many ecommerce websites have a beautiful product layout, a sweet shopping cart, but make the mistake of some standard payment or checkout process that turns of the customer from coming back or worse bailing out on the items they chose.

Check out some common mistakes that can cost you the sale:

“Here’s your total,  but it is really more than that”

Asking for credit card information before providing shipping costs.

  1. This is aggravating for the consumer mainly because they will be given a higher total price than what they are expecting.
  2. The customer gets suspicious that they are unfairly being charged extra shipping costs.

“Screens and screens to make you scream”

The payment process seems endless if every step is a new page.

  1. If it is taking the customer numerous screens to confirm their order, then something is wrong.
  2. Easy and convenient is always on the shoppers mind, so make checking out as easy or easier than 1,2,3.

“Please provide some information about yourself irrelevant to the purchase, I mean register”

Registration is good, making it mandatory and asking for too much information can hurt.

  1. Shoppers already frown upon doing more than they have to, so if you are making it mandatory to register for before they purchase. They probably will find another place to shop.
  2. The customer may decide to register when they come back.  Be sure to keep it simple and not ask for too much.  Social security numbers, mobile phone number, is asking a bit much, so you get the idea. We do not need to know their favorite ice cream flavor.

Being in business for small businesses, we acknowledge what these mistakes do for your ecommerce site.   The simple fact that business and payments can be done online does not make it easy for shoppers.  Dotcomweavers Inc.  works with our customers to ensure that these mistakes along with others outside of ecommerce are not made.  We work with you and provide our expertise to make sure that your website is geared toward optimal performance.

Dotcomweavers Inc is a NJ/NY based web solutions company providing high quality e-commerce solutions to ensure your online business performs to successful results.   For more information, visit Dotcomweavers Services

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