Is Your Online Business going down the Drain?


Dec 30, 2010


For the past couple of years, there has been a surge of new online businesses.  The attraction is obvious, as it is easy to start an online business.  The initial cost is low.  Buying a domain and setting up a website are very easy things to do. Where it gets hard is the web marketing, market research, and website testing.  Many online businesses commit the 6 most common mistakes and end up watching their online storefront go nowhere.

If you want to succeed online, there are a couple no-no’s you must avoid:

Conventional business is not online business

For the most part, business, especially small businesses, tend to take a brochure and turn it into a website.  Then they forget about it and wonder why it is not helping to increase their profits. There are a lot of nuances in online business. You need specialized content for online customers. You need to have an expertly designed website to draw in visitors. You need to have an e-commerce storefront that is secure and convenient.

Promoting Onlinepouringmoneydrain

Creating a website is not the end of your work when you transfer a business online. Web marketing is a major part of finding online success. Link building, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media and much more, must all be incorporated into a web marketing strategy. Your online business will not find success any other way.

Lack of Quality Content

Not only must the content of your website be clear, concise and to the point, easy to navigate and optimized for search engines, it must also intrigue visitors. Online viewers are notorious for their short attention spans. The content they find on your website must immediately grab their attention and give them information they desire, in a medium they prefer.

Hard to find/Hard to Contact

If your web marketing is lacking, chances are no one is finding your website. If your content is lacking quality and not well planned, it’ll be hard to navigate through your website. Both of these problems lead to people not finding you online and even if they do find you, they find it difficult contacting you. This cannot be if you plan on having success at all online. Anyone who lands on your website must also be able to easily find the contact information, in order to do business with you.

No Visitor Analysis

If your website is not doing the job you want it to, then you need to get some marketing research done. If you are not sure ho w to go about it, then have professionals do it for you. This is no time to be cheap. This is something that must be done, so make sure it is done right. Proper market research will drastically increase your profits, website traffic, and conversion rate. Plus, it will reduce the amount of money you need to spend on web marketing, while making that same marketing more efficient.

Going it Alone

Too many small businesses try to do it all on their own. There is strength in numbers. Find like-minded, non-competing online business to form partnerships with and expand on what you have to offer visitors. top reasons businesses fail online. There are many online businesses looking to work together for mutually beneficial relationships. Yours should be one of them.

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