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Is LinkedIn Learning from Facebook?


Apr 07, 2011

Thus far, LinkedIn has established itself as the social network for intelligent, business-minded individuals. Business owners, careerists and more have all flocked to the networking website to find new connections that can help further their own career goals. Now, the members can not only log in to make new connections, but also to impress and share with current connections. Is Linkedin learning from facebook? Yes! And it is especially important for eCommerce development.

The really smart, go-getters behind the development of LinkedIn have launched a new Open Graph platform for the website. The new platform lets developers and the like use a complete set of API’s, for anyone who wants to use them, for letting third-party applications integrate aspects of LinkedIn in their apps.

What does this mean for members? In short, it means the sharing power that Facebook gives its users is now available to LinkedIn members as well. That’s right, share things with a LinkedIn button on websites. Log-in to other accounts using your LinkedIn information. And of course, a few custom API’s that are specific to the community:

  • Member Profile, which brings LinkedIn profiles to your site
  • Full Member Profile, which brings larger, more detailed LinkedIn profiles to your site
  • Company Profile, which displays key company info at-a-glance
  • Company Insider, which shows rich company data from several different views
  • Recommend, a button which enables users to recommend your products and drive traffic back to you

Basically, the fellas over at LinkedIn saw just how successful Facebook’s approach has been and decided to do what they can to mimic it. Expect more API’s from LinkedIn that entice you to be logged in to your account for more of the day (giving you a chance to ‘take advantage’ of advertised products and services on LinkedIn?). They are looking to spread through the Internet as the mature, but equally sociable choice to Facebook – or at least, it looks that way.

Have you tried the new LinkedIn API’s? How do you feel about the changes they are making? Let us know and get featured in the follow-up article in 2 weeks!

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