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Jan 06, 2011

Here is some great news for all those e-commerce stores out there looking for the next best thing to happen to their checkout process: Intelligent Checkout. As one of the oscommerce project partners, over at, dotcomWeavers is proud to announce a new version of their OsCommerce Online Merchant software. It features new options, less steps for checkout, allows for more product types, and much more.  All the changes have been geared towards making it easier for your customer and making it easier for you!

First, let me give you the quick technical aspects of the improvements to this oscommerce software. A new Checkout Application has been created.  It is simple to add-in and access.  The entire point is to remove all those unwanted steps from the checkout procedure, letting customers make the transaction faster and giving the owner easy control on the back-end. The checkout procedure no longer starts at the shipping page; it jumps straight to the confirmation page, which takes care of all the dependencies for the order.

Depending on the product type, the Intelligent Checkout will require certain conditions be met before the order can be placed.  Examples of these conditional actions are:

  • AddToShoppingCart – Called when products are added to the shopping cart.
  • PerformOrder – Called when the checkout application begins.
  • RequireBilling – If billing address and method are found, it passes true.
  • RequireStock – Checks for sufficient stock of item and passes true if available.

If merchants now want to require a customer to have an account with their website before placing an order, simply add in the condition ‘RequireCustomerAccount’. Adding new conditions to customize the checkout for your e-commerce website is easy. The professional developers you hire should be able to handle it.

Any change made to your own shopping cart will not add any more steps for your customers.  Intelligent Checkout guarantees that logged in customers will be taken directly to the checkout confirmation page when they are done adding to their shopping cart, with all the necessary information required for the order already available. For guests, there is a minimum of two checkout steps, including the shipping address form and the confirmation page.

With all these improvements, buying online continues to get easier. It is now 2011, no one should have to tell you to get your business online. Advice on how to improve your e-commerce store is not very helpful to those that are not online with their businesses yet. The move from physical shopping to online shopping is rapidly taking place and businesses that do not find professional e-commerce developers to help create their presence on the web will not be around to regret it, they will be out of business. The choice is to join the many New Jersey and New York businesses finding easier, stable, more assured success online or continue losing money and watching your business stagnate or fail altogether.  Find a web design and development team to get your company online now and get on the same page with winning businesses in the New Jersey and New York areas. In the meantime, checkout the demo the programmers put together for you: Intelligent Checkout Demo.

The next step for the OsCommerce programming team and partners is to extend this kind of flexibility in the checkout process to properly support services that are sold with recurring billing.

Look here to find updates on it.

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