Ignoring Social Media could Prove Fatal for Your Business


Apr 19, 2011

The two highest conversion tools for e-commerce are social media and long-tail keywords. If you are a business, there is no doubt that you need to have a presence in social media to connect with customers. Failing to do this will just make it that much easier for your competitors to steal more customers from you because, trust me, they are involved in social media.

There are two ways to ignore your social media presence: not creating any profiles on social media networking websites or creating profiles that are not actively managed.

Many companies still do not see the benefits, or ROI, of being active in social media. Maybe you need to watch the video!

Trends and popular opinion are, for the most part, determined by social media now. New companies and their products are discovered all the time through social media. Those that communicate with their customers, beginning the two-way conversation, have a significantly higher chance of going viral. And if this new age in technology has taught business anything, it is this: going viral on the Internet with your product or service means making millions upon millions overnight. Not having a profile on social media platforms is one of the biggest marketing mistakes a company can make in 2011.

The other path of ignoring social media was recently researched. BrightEdge, an SEO firm, just recently released a study of the top 200 global brands. There were two main points that came from this:

1)      Of those top brands, 100% of them ranked first in Google search for their brand.

2)      Of those same top 200 brands, only 30% of them have Social Media profiles that rank in the top 20 for Google search.

What does this mean?

It means that instead of raising the search ranking of their social media profiles, increasing organic SEO, to increase traffic and conversion, they are relying on PPC ads. Now, the whole draw of social media is the high conversion and low cost for marketing. Therefore, creating profiles in Twitter, Facebook and other social networking site is pointless if you are not going to actively manage them. What is the point of signing up for and having an incredibly powerful marketing tool, if you don’t plan to use it?

Social media is too prevalent to be ignored by anyone attempting to reach an audience. As stated in the article on TechCrunch by Leena Rao:

As more consumers look to brands’ Facebook and Twitter pages for news, coupons, customer service and more, it’s probably important for these companies to take the steps to make sure these pages are discoverable.”

If you are not sure how to go about creating a social media presence for your company, contact dotcomWeavers and we can give you a bit of free advice and also outline what we can do for you through our Web Marketing service.

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