The Importance of Social Media Marketing

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A July 2016 survey by G/O Digital of 1,373 U.S. social media users found that a brand’s social media activity is proportionate to holiday purchase decisions by customers.
While a robust social media presence is linked to brand visibility and improved customer engagement, it is especially important during peak shopping periods such as between Black Friday and New Year’s. Put simply, the more active you are on social media, the more likely you are to succeed in your branding and marketing efforts.
As our gift to you, we created this handy checklist to help you get the most out of your social media engagement opportunities this holiday season.

1. Create a Content Calendar Prepare a list of topics and promotions you want to post about in advance. Posts written and scheduled ahead of time are less likely to be pushed out with mistakes, and allow you to control the flow of information to your customers every week. This method ensures a social presence that is on par with the rest of your marketing efforts and maintains brand visibility during a critical sales period.

2. Prioritize Target Customers –
Content is only as good as the exposure it gets, so make the most of your marketing efforts by publishing attractive, brand-centric posts on the right social media network for your business. Companies targeting corporate and enterprise leaders will do the best marketing on LinkedIn, while retailers will see the most return by highlighting products on their Facebook business page; Twitter, of course, is great for any on-the-go mobile updates and promotions.

3. Be Platform-specific – Post content applicable to your customers on platforms that are relevant to their needs and preferences. A professional looking for content related to their industry is more likely to check LinkedIn, while consumers hunting for deals and gift ideas will have more success looking on Facebook and Twitter. Finally, always remember to be specific – brand, occasion or product-orient content has the best chance of getting a good response.

4. Employ Strategic Positioning – Optimize marketing returns by understanding the audience on different social media platforms and positioning your brand to match. Are customers on a certain network looking for personalized gifts or something broadly useful? Customize and promote your products and services based on the wants and needs of your customers, as well as the competitive landscape, and you will boost traffic and drive conversions.

5. Master Visual Marketing –
A visually stimulating marketing campaign can do wonders for your sales record during the holiday season. Engage your audience with fun and catchy posts, photos, videos, greeting cards, and polls that can be shared across mobile devices. If they go viral, the increased interest in your products and services can be truly massive. The best platforms to utilize for posting images and video content are YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Strategic use of mobile ads can also make a big difference.

6. Encourage Active Engagement –
Nothing drives results better than real-time user engagement on social media platforms. By frequently engaging with the people commenting, liking and sharing your posts, you can build a rapport and succeed in your holiday marketing efforts. Keep in mind that a quick response rate on customer service requests is also counted positive marketing tactic.

7. Give Back –
The holiday season is a time for generosity, and businesses should consider the numerous ways they can give back to society and their community. It doesn’t matter whether you organize a national charity event, sponsor a community activity or donate time at a soup kitchen – when you give back it increases brand value and trust in the eyes of your customers. And remember, when you support a good cause, it’s okay to let people know!

Though the holiday season is in full swing, there is still time to boost your social media marketing efforts and earn customer loyalty by improving the way you interact with them on the various social media platforms.

From all of us at DotcomWeavers, we wish you good luck and happy holidays!

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