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Have You Had Your Caffeine Today?


Jun 17, 2010

You probably have had some Caffeine today already, but you just don’t know it.  Every time you get on Google to search, you get that Caffeine fix.  No, Google has not branched out to take on Starbucks in the coffee industry.  Google has recently unveiled their new search indexing system entitled Caffeine.  Basically, it is new faster, technology to fulfill all our searching and data hungry needs.

Google recognizes the changing behaviors and trends as the Internet continuously evolves, especially with social media taking the world by storm.  The old search index was fast but Google explains that Caffeine takes it all to a whole new level.  This new technology is able to keep up with our world that now thrives on real-time updates.  It is no surprise that user expectations have expanded where text content is no longer the only type of content being searched.  The typical webpage is not just text anymore they have definitely become more complex. People search for videos, images, news feeds, and real-time updates. Therefore, sites like Twitter and Facebook have ushered in the need for Google’s new indexing masterpiece.

What does this mean for you and your online business?  The old methods of organically making first page on Google soon will no longer have the same effect as it used to.  You will need to keep up with the trends and tap into social media to be seen and heard on a real time scale.  SEO methods are also adjusting to the new expansions on the Internet.  So when change happens, one must make the proper adjustments to be successful and capitalize.

Fortunately, Dotcomweavers continuously takes the steps to stay ahead of the game.  We have our research and development team working hard recognizing new trends and improving our web solutions and SEO expertise.  Our excellent SEO packages have proven results and our SEO specialists are in the know of the up and coming methods to keep your website organic.

We take pride in our efforts to keep up and bring the best to our clients.  It is just one of the ways to set ourselves apart from the competition.  Whether it is Google or social media that is making the changes, Dotcomweavers is right on it and already preparing the formula for your online success.

Dotcomweavers Inc is a NJ/NY based web solutions company providing high quality website development, SEO and social media.  Websites are not only created but they are created to perform. For our design portfolio, visit the Dotcomweavers Studio.

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