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Getting Bloggers To Talk About You: Fail-Proof Tips


May 01, 2013

Whether your company is big or small, it can benefit from some of the best free advertising available on the Internet: being mentioned by a popular blogger in your niche. Successful bloggers have a strong influence on a wide reader base, and their blogs are excellent platforms for you to get some exposure in front of the people you really want to reach. Here are some tips for getting bloggers to talk about you.

Offer their Readers Something

Bloggers serve their readers, and they aren’t going to talk about anything that won’t interest or benefit their readers. If you want to earn a blogger’s attention, you can do so by giving them something that they can offer to their readers. For example, tell bloggers that you’d like to give all their readers a free copy of your ebook. As long as the ebook is useful or interesting to their readers, you can bet the bloggers will write about it, because their readers love free stuff. You can do the same with other types or merchandise, but ebooks are easy and inexpensive.

Give Them Something Exclusive

Bloggers also attract readers by writing about things no other bloggers are writing about. This expands a little on the idea of giving something to their readers – give them something exclusive. Mainly, exclusive information. Whenever you have news to announce about your company, offer it to a prominent blogger and give them the opportunity to be the first to “break” the news. You can also offer exclusive discounts on merchandise, exclusive “sneak peeks” of a new book or other product, exclusive videos, and more.

Talk about Them

One tactic you can try is getting a blogger to talk about you by talking about them first. On your company blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc., make a post or status that mentions the blog you’re interested in. Share an interesting or helpful post from the blog, or in some way talk about their knowledge, resources, news, etc. It helps if you can tag that blogger in the status, too. Send a friendly note to the blogger letting them know that you love their blog and want your customers to know about it, and hopefully they’ll be kind enough to return the favor. At the very least, they may tell their readers about the shoutout you gave them.

Make a Genuine Connection

Making the effort to form genuine connections with bloggers is usually a very worthwhile effort. Without being too pushy about how you hope to benefit from the relationship, reach out to a blogger and start a conversation. You might, for example, ask them what they think their readers would be interested in from your company, or ask for their input on a new product. Bring up some mutual topics of interest, and a blogger will usually recognize the possibility that they could benefit from the connection in some way, too. Foster the relationship with positivity, and don’t let ulterior motives of marketing opportunities be at the forefront of your discussions.

About the Author: Steven Peters is an expert reviews tracker and reputation manager.  He has recently been writing about the importance of looking at local reviews blogs for businesses.

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