Featured Client: Customizing for Perfection


Jul 12, 2010

We take a look today at our featured client this week: Clifton Charles.  Dotcomweavers Inc. is proud to be responsible for the digital makings of www.cliftoncharles.com.  They approached us with a unique model in the men’s fashion industry and we were confident in creating the website to emulate their vision, company image and high quality service.

Keeping the spirit in the month of our nation’s birthday, Thomas Jefferson first said “All men are created equal…” we all know that he meant equality in rights and freedom.  Fashion experts today can safely say Mr. Jefferson did not mean in clothing, simply because people come in all types of shapes and sizes. Clifton Charles, being in the fashion industry, obviously recognizes this but they have decided to take it to the next level.  Men do come in all shapes and sizes, also they have differing personalities and interests.   It does not stop there they consider the type of activities and lifestyle of an individual even their particular location.  These essential demographic elements are collected and the specialists at Clifton Charles design a custom dress shirt that fits perfectly for extreme comfort and has the look and feel based on your provided information.  It certainly is quite the effort in designing true custom clothing therefore Clifton Charles is willing to go these great lengths to offer only the best in custom fashion.

Dotcomweavers Inc. knew what was needed for the website to keep in line with the Clifton Charles vision. The entire shopping process is automated using a custom fabrics database working in conjunction with a unique and complex algorithm which recommends shirts to users based on their selections.

The entire ecommerce process was created seamless allowing current customers the ability to re-order shirts with full integration with the manufacturer and shipping logistics through the use of APIs.  Dotcomweavers produced the entire backend which allows the admin to track and record every detail about their clients. Every personal profile created by the customer includes a comprehensive set of data fields regarding their physical, persona and environmental information as well as their activity report and contact information.  This information is then stored in the database to create customizable reports based on selected fields. The typical ecommerce tools are all enhanced such as shopping cart features, as well as automated information processing with the manufacturer and logistics company.

Dotcomweavers Inc. is no stranger to customization, our work with Clifton Charles allowed us to take further steps in the unique business idea of customizing for the client.  As Clifton Charles advances men’s dress shirts to a new level.  It is safe to say the same for our web development accomplishments that certainly have taken ecommerce, web design and development to the next level and beyond.

Dotcomweavers Inc is a NJ/NY based web solutions company providing high quality website development and e-commerce solutions.  Websites are not only created but they are created to perform. For more information, visit Dotcomweavers Services and www.cliftoncharles.com

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