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Essential Tools for a Web Business


Oct 12, 2011

To start any business in this world, and expect to succeed, you need the right tools to help you meet set goals. The first smart decision is to move your operation online. From here on out, it’s a matter of accessing all the elements that make a great business website, whether it’s an e-commerce, bespoke or brochure site.  Most web designers only offer graphics and page creation for simple websites.  Amateur web designers leave out aspects that are just as important, if not more so, such as: security, website navigation, speed, product searching, quality web content and more. Working with a team of web design and development experts will guarantee your online business has everything it needs to find online success.

Fantastic e-commerce websites do not just pop up overnight. A lot of planning and allocation of resources is needed to make sure the website can be built to meet the goals of the owner, while protecting the owner and customer, and providing a memorable transaction experience for the customer.

In order to accomplish this goal, your web business needs a few essential tools:


This is necessary to make your website live.  Think of it like a cell phone.  The domain is your phone number and the hosting is your monthly service plan.

Shopping Cart

Whether your needs can be handled with existing e-commerce software or if special modules using oscommerce software are needed, your checkout process needs to be immaculate.  This portion of a business website is often overlooked by the owner, when, in fact, it is the most important aspect of their online business. It must be easy to use, seamless and completely secure.


A CMS or control management system is essential for properly managing the content of your website.  Without it, it becomes confusing and very difficult to keep up with updates, errors, changes and more.  A custom CMS allows for incredibly efficient web content management.

Internet Marketing Strategy

No two businesses are the same, so every business needs its own custom strategy for marketing itself online. A mix of link building, social media efforts, target audience advertising, SEO, and on-site marketing efforts are required to help any online business reach its potential.

Premier Presentation

The way you present your products, services and general online presence is extremely important.  Avoid using free web designFor the best possible results, partner up with professional web designers for all your design, development, and graphical needs. Get a tasteful arrangement of web design, rich media and functionality to give your products and/or services the best possible presentation to potential customers.

Finding all these tools to create the perfect website for your online business can be difficult.  Of course, it’s easy when you work with professional web designers that have the knowledge and resources to provide all of the above aspects for your website.

Dotcomweavers are a team of professional web designers located in Paramus, New Jersey. We are committed to helping small and medium businesses find growth online. ASK DCW is your chance to ask questions, seek advice and get the knowledge you need to make your business successful in the online marketplace. Connect with us on Twitter (@dotcomweavers) or Facebook.

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