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We understand the challenges of connecting legacy ERPs with modern SaaS and PaaS platforms.

When Adobe Magento Commerce and Epicor “talk” in real time, you get a 360 view of your customers, vendors, and employees, customer experience improves, and productivity skyrockets.

Together, we can accelerate innovation, transform liabilities into opportunities, and drive your business forward.

Integrations and more

Epicor Eclipse ERP Integration with Magento 2

In online sales and in-store retail, the flexibility, speed, and accuracy of your ERP integrations have the biggest impact on your success. This article discusses how an Epicor Eclipse ERP integration with your Magento 2 store can deliver a true omnichannel experience – one that saves you time and money and exceeds customer expectations.

Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) vs. Adobe Commerce / Magento

TL;DR – ECC is a simple, fast-to-market solution with extensive limitations to UX and admin functionality. Adobe Commerce offers limitless opportunities and integration, which require more time and energy, but that investment creates a better all-around experience and opportunity for return on investment. DotcomWeavers now offers a product, Eclipse eCommerce Accelerator, as a turnkey, full-featured solution built on Adobe Commerce/Magento with all of the speed to market from ECC and limitless potential of Adobe Commerce at a fraction of the implementation cost.

Magento Epicor Prophet 21 Integration

Modern B2B customers are expecting more than ever before. Customers are looking for: Seamless Omnichannel Experiences, Integrated Automation, Better UX, Custom Content to Mimic the B2C Experience, Enhanced Customer Support. To deliver on these expectations, integrating an ERP with a modern eCommerce framework is the only way to compete in the rapidly evolving environment.
How it works?

An ERP solution is the lifeblood of your business.

Integrate Adobe Magento Commerce & Epicor for seamless operations.
Maintain consistent pricing and catalog updates. Epicor changes auto-update Magento for an always up-to-date online store.
Integration boosts data sync, streamlines operations, automates tasks, enhances accuracy, and boosts efficiency for Magento Commerce and Epicor.
Integrate Adobe Magento Commerce & Epicor for seamless operations.
Efficiently synchronize pricing and catalog updates between Magento and Epicor.
Maintain consistent pricing and catalog updates. Epicor changes auto-update Magento for an always up-to-date online store.
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Clients we’ve helped

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