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Reader Email: freelancers vs. team


Aug 09, 2011

Today we have an email that was submitted by one of our readers:


I am a resident of New York and recently started my own business. I thought I had done a good job researching everything I would need, especially for my website and eCommerce aspects. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money hiring a professional team of web designers, so I opted to find a freelance web designer online. I used a service similar to to find this person.

Let me just say that I have followed DCW’s blog for the last 4 months and usually put the advice you guys offer to good use. It has helped me greatly. SO of course, the one time I go against it, it bites me in the rear-end. I need to know about freelancers vs. team when it comes to eCommerce.

It turns out that relying on a single freelance web designer is a terrible idea. When I needed something looked at right away, I was always waiting at his convenience instead of mine, which was incredibly frustrating. He was able to build an e-commerce store for me, but it lacked the functionality I specified when I contracted the job to him. Basically, the whole ordeal was a mess.

I have definitely learned my lesson. When it comes to my business I do not scrimp anymore. I am expecting most of my customers to be online, which means my online web design has to be immaculate. I really need a complete overhaul now and I’m hoping you guys can help me.

Tom D.
White Plains, NY


What happened to Tom is a common occurrence. Everyone, if they think they can, wants to save a buck wherever possible. In the last two to three years especially, start-ups have sought out the cheapest labor for business services such as web design, development and hosting packages. Sometimes it can work out for you, but in many cases, such as the one above with Tom, it ends up costing you more in the end.

We will definitely get Tom’s business website overhauled, so look here for a follow-up blog post in a couple weeks about how his project is going!

In the meantime, keep in mind that any money spent toward your business is an investment and you get what you pay for. The more resources an expert already has in place, the better deal they are likely able to offer you. That’s why here at DCW, our team of professionals can plan and implement incredible web design for a cost that’s within your budget.

Thanks Tom, for sending in your story.

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