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Effective Flash: Best Practices


Nov 15, 2010

Flash is a complicated tool. It has the power to add a lot of visual stimulation to web design. It can be integrated to increase the amount of available customer interaction on your website. It can also come across as gaudy and misplaced. This tool can help incorporate more content for your website, in conjunction with the text it already contains. Experienced professionals are the way to go when dealing with this highly complicated, but incredibly useful aspect of web design.

Flash can contain a lot of information that may not be found by search engine if it is not programmed in right. It used to be that Flash and Search Engines worked together like oil and water, but then Google announced it had improved the indexing of Adobe Flash files, in 2008. This opened up the door to an entire new way of making Flash work for your website.

Now, these changes did not make building entire websites from Flash a good idea, but they did allow Flash to take a more active roll in helping it rank. No longer just for visual effect, Flash can now help your websites SEO. Consider the following points when deciding if flash will add to the optimization of your online business, as well as it’s overall web design:

  • Google can crawl and index all of the text content users see as they interact with the Flash file.

  • Google can discover links within Flash files.

  • Google can index external content that a Flash file loads and associate it with that Flash file.

  • Google supports common JavaScript techniques for embedding Flash.

Taking these points into account when using Flash in your web design is not easy. To make the best out of what is possible, it is strongly recommended you find Flash experts, who have a lot of experience applying it to websites. Implementing these tactics will definitely help your ranking in Google, making Flash work for your ranking rather than against it.

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