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DotcomWeavers Design Process Videos
At DotcomWeavers, we are masters in the eCommerce website design process. One of our favorite parts of any client project is the design phase – where we engineer the user experience and user interface. To learn more about our design philosophy and to see how we work, we created these YouTube eCommerce website design videos. There are two videos in the series – we hope you enjoy it!

  1. Our Design Process
  2. Our UX/UI Design Philosophy

Video: Our eCommerce Website Design Process Part 1

After our discovery and planning phases, we roll right into the design phase of a project. The design team sits in on the discovery phase. This gives them a complete understanding of project requirements and the ultimate goal of the project.

Since they have that deep knowledge and understanding, they are able to deliver the strongest design possible. Because our designers know what you want to achieve, our design team can communicate better with the development team to make sure that your website or app works and looks the way it was supposed to.

Like any of the projects we work on, web applications start from a wireframe aspect at least when we are talking about design. A wireframe is a high-level detailed design of what the structure of the application or website will look like.

More often than not we get clients coming in looking for an eCommerce site. An eCommerce site sells or distributes items or services to its users. Whether that’s a B2B or B2C company, we always strive to make sure we are listening to the client for their expectations for what the design should be.

As you can see, the eCommerce website design process is just one of the things that set DotcomWeavers apart in our industry. So, if you’re looking for an engaging user experience unlike anywhere else, take the time to fill out our form and contact us today.

Video: Our eCommerce Website Design Process Part 2

In this DotcomWeavers design process video, we discuss what makes our web design unique. You’ll hear from lead UI/UX designer Harshal Shah, UI designer Tiffon Turner, and graphic designer Natasha Slater. They discuss their favorite aspects of the process, as well as their workflow and philosophy for eCommerce website design.

When it comes to design, empathy with the user is essential, as it produces the best possible user experience. By anticipating user behavior on your website or app, we can create a design flow that supports your business.

When the UI/UX are excellent, then your users are happy and your conversions will increase. Put simply, people love things that work and avoid things that don’t or are clumsy. When it comes down to a customer, even a slight problem with the UX can lose a sale.

Our design process and style secure more customers and create a powerful and friendly user experience.

For more information about our design and development process, or to get an estimate for your next eCommerce project, please contact us today!



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