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Food for your Website Thoughts: DotcomWeavers’ Recipe


Aug 23, 2010

Web design and development requires special knowledge and skill that focuses on creating content presentations which are accessed through the Internet by using website enabling software also known as web browsers by the end users. It is no accident that web designs have striking similarities to books in the sense that the homepage of a website is equivalent to the cover of the book while the web pages are no different than the pages of a book. From another aspect, websites can also be defined as information portals that contain a wide range of data.

At Dotcomweavers Inc., we breathe and live all that is web development.  We will guide the creation or redesign of your website from the idea to the live website optimizing each framework of display technology and digital coding.  The two aforementioned frameworks for web design and development are used primarily for facilitating the maintenance of websites and provide assistance for presenting multi-format data.  The advancement of computers have literally changed the way information is passed on from one person or business to another, all because of the existence of websites. Now, websites have an enormous responsibility of increasing the demands of users in a sophisticated manner.

Now we emphasize the importance of the four critical aspects for web design and development, which are content, usability, appearance and visibility.  Content is information relevant to the site which is created and used by web designers. Usability refers to ease at which the site can be used, in other words “user friendly”. Appearance and visibility works in unison in the sense that good graphics as well as interesting features creates an attractive appearance; however, this is useless and irrelevant if no one can actually see it.  Athough the content, usability and appearance should be managed and properly cared for on all pages of the website, visibility is viewed by many as the most important aspect of any website for the basic reason mentioned above – if you can’t be seen then you are basically non-existent. In close relation, the second most important thing is “accessibility” through the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing as well as relevant advertisement mediums.

Web solutions should not left to the amateurs; work of this magnitude and importance should be performed by experts or professionals. Dotcomweavers’ years of experience and numerous clients who recognize the importance of having a website that’s attractive, competitive and approachable.

Dotcomweavers Inc is a NJ/NY based web solutions company that specializes in web design, web development, e-commerce, logo creation, content development, php programming and SEO Internet Marketing.   For more details, visit

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