Dotcomweavers Takes Ace to Cyberspace


Apr 19, 2010

Dotcomweavers takes Ace to Cyberspace

Part one of a two part story covering featured website

Tom Maloney is the owner of Shinnecock Hardware located in Hampton Bays in New York.  An intelligent businessman, Tom took his hardware business and his passion for technology finding that together he saw an opportunity for an online business in eCommerce.  His search for the right web design & development company came to an end when coming across Dotcomweavers.  He put his trust into our experience and talent, resulting in

In order to achieve Tom’s  ecommerce vision, we focused on ensuring that his entire inventory synchronization became automated.  We created a robust product database and then built the tool that synchronized the database at the same time automatically updating with the latest products.  After conquering that challenge, integrating the ecommerce store with UPS Shipping API, Authorize.NET and Google Checkout for payment was no problem.

In a nutshell, the sophistication of explains it self with a listing of 85,000+ SKUs available to buy online and a solid store management system allowing Acetogo to view and manage all orders.  Ultimately, ecommerce is extending this hardware business outside of the Hamptons, now taking orders from customers as far as Colorado and Florida.  Since the launch back in May of 2008, the site has seen monthly sales increases and growing customer base.

Tom has been a pleasure working with Dotcomweavers, and we continue working with him to ensure is continually improving itself and Tom’s ecommerce business. features Shinnecock Hardware, Tom Malony and the Dotcomweavers in their “Business In The News” section.

Shinnecock Hardware Embraces E-Commerce

Dotcomweavers is proud of its work on for mainly these reasons.

  1. The complete talent and skill that was put into developing an ecommerce website of high complexity.
  2. Giving a small business the capabilities to extend its business and services past its local limitations.
  3. Taking the client’s vision and delivering results beyond expectation.

Check out and to see what we can do.

Come back next week to see Tom Maloney and what he has to say about us.

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