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The exponential growth of eCommerce certainly has changed the way we do business. Customers can shop while even at their own jobs, even though their boss may not be so happy with that.  The right eCommerce website is fast and convenient enough that these new and loyal customers will decide they do not need to wait to get home to make a purchase or even wait until lunch.  “This will just take a minute.”

With that said, an eCommerce site like that will certainly make the right impression and have the customer coming back for more.  One concern is, how do you know that your website made that impression or any for that matter?  The answer is testimonials, feedback and ratings.  Would it be wise to give your customers the power to tell you how they feel about you and your site?  Many will say there is no need to, business is business, besides for many eCommerce sites a testimonial section has found its way to transform itself into a complaints section.

There is a common mistake right there when an online business owner has their fear of hearing or seeing negative testimonials.  Our human nature does not like any type of rejection or negative critiquing.  So they say rather just not deal with it.  On the contrary, if you are not in the know of your faults, how can you correct it? There is enough competition in eCommerce that a customer can easily go somewhere else.  You wouldn’t want that to happen, over and over again.  So make the extra effort to keep customers happy, especially when they have conveniently told you about their not so friendly experience.  (Also, keep in mind you know your business better than anyone else, so no need to sound the alarm every time you get negative feedback.  It will take a little extra effort in analyzing and seeing what can be done to correct recurring complaints and issues.)

Testimonials and comments can easily be moderated.  The beauty of it is if you don’t like what you see.  Delete. However, don’t delete it without taking into consideration of what an actual negative critique is trying to tell you especially if you see one or more customers are having the same issue and/or problems.  It will be wise to make the adjustment and keep a happy customer.  Before you know it, you have taken these negative testimonials and now have an improved eCommerce site.  The negatives soon lessen and you have more positives.  In the end, it is beneficial for you and your online business.

Taking this time will only help in the long run.  In our business of creating and improving websites, Dotcomweavers Inc. understands the feeling of being critiqued.  It is all part of the business.  We have made the necessary adjustments for ourselves and also made adjustments for our clients who needed to improve their eCommerce site.   Be strong and take the negative criticism, our talented team of programmers, developers, and designers can ease make the necessary improvements to turn your negative feedback into positive ones.

Dotcomweavers Inc is an NJ/NY based web solutions company providing high-quality website development and ecommerce solutions.  Websites are not only created but they are created to perform. For more information, visit Dotcomweavers Services

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