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Dotcomweavers helps Tate’s Bake Shop expand it’s online business


Dec 03, 2010

Morris Plains, NJ, December 3, 2010 –Few businesses have the ability to become instantly endeared to the community around them like a first class bake shop.  Let’s face it, such a place gets all the love deserving of a place that produces fantastic food creations, without any of the dieting guilt.  Everyone enjoys the fresh bounty from their neighborhood bake shop.  Of course, with our schedules today, who has time to stop in and see what new masterpieces from the baked goods world are available?  That’s why places like Tate’s Bake Shop took their business online.  The response was overwhelming and the owner only encountered one problem: the eCommerce of the company website was not powerful enough to meet the needs of customers.  They were popular, but they were also losing a lot of business.  With the help of Dotcomweavers, the bakery is now a leading example in it’s industry for order processing, handling and convenience…

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