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Is it time for Website Overhaul?- an important question every eCommerce business should ask itself.

One of the most important aspects professional web designers handle for your website is constant maintenance and testing. The importance of this is lost on many people and businesses that can be found online. Only through testing and updates will a website improve, becoming better able to reach its target audience and convert them into customers, leads, or just loyal readers. If teams of expert designers have to do this, why aren’t you doing it for your website? There is no exception to this step, it has to be done or your website will never reach the goals you have for it.

Now, the best way to eliminate this problem is to hire professional web designers in the first place. This step would be clearly marked in their solution process for you and explained in detail. Of course, maybe you are not sure if your website needs an overhaul. Well, here are a few things to check out that will give you an idea of how well the website is working:

Not getting the expected traffic?

How long has your website been live? Did you have a plan for how much traffic to expect by a certain date? You should have. It is important to plan out how you will direct traffic to your website. If you did have a set goal and you are not reaching it, shouldn’t you find out why? With no traffic, there will be no conversions into customers.

Plenty of traffic, just no conversions?

Maybe traffic is not your problem. Maybe your website gets plenty of visitors on a daily basis. But, how many of them are turning into customers? Lots of traffic on your website is pointless if no one is buying anything. This is a concern more for ecommerce web development but is valid for websites that are supposed to generate leads as well. Low conversion rates are strong hints that your website has something wrong with it.

High bounce rate?

This indicates the level of interest most visitors have on the pages of your website. Whether it’s a free information resource, ecommerce or an oscommerce website, lead generation website or for some other purpose, the bounce rate is a great statistic to show what people like and do not like about your website. The higher your bounce rate, the fewer people are clicking around. If no one is clicking past the landing page they arrived at, then it is time to make some serious changes.

Low average time spent on the website?

It takes a certain amount of time for a transaction to take place. It also takes time to read through web content and view what a website has to offer. If the average time for visitors on your site is very low, then no one is spending the time to find out what the website is all about. They are arriving and immediately leaving in confusion, frustration, or disinterest. It is up to you to find out why and do something about it.

If any of these statistics reflect badly on your website, it definitely needs an overhaul. Anyone of the above problems hints at several elements needing improvement. This is where building your own website or having cheap, unreliable programmers do it for you, get you into trouble. The most common web design mistakes will be avoided by a team of professional web designers. While they will still maintain and test elements of the website they created for you, it will be small changes aimed at perfection. The web design mistakes you or the amateur designer you hired made will be more severe and require a much more involved solution process, most likely costing you more money as well. Of course, what’s done is done. The best way to handle it is to learn from the past and not repeat the same mistakes. Get professional web designers to do the job right and never have to worry about it again.

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