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ROI Checkup – Is Your Web Developer Delivering Results?


Nov 11, 2015

If your eCommerce website isn’t successfully converting visitors into paying customers, it might be time to partner with a web developer who knows what it takes to help you make more money. But don’t settle for just any web developer—make sure you choose one that has performance data and client testimonials to prove they’re more than just a good sales pitch.

With that in mind, web developer DotcomWeavers encourages you to look at their services with a critical eye. Ask about their previous work. Look at their results. Don’t hesitate to ask their team for client feedback.

DotcomWeavers’ goal is to understand each client’s unique needs and then deliver relevant technology to meet those needs. Here are a few examples of how DotcomWeavers uses that approach to deliver superior results.


For an improved experience on the back-end of the LimoRide website, DotcomWeavers incorporated a variety of industry-leading upgrades that simplified and strengthened the site’s usability:

• Inventory Management—Administrators now have one-click capability to help them take stock of vehicles that are in use or idle.
• Email Management—LimoRide can track the status of each correspondence via an email management system. As a result, if a visitor abandons the shopping cart, the system can automatically send and email the re-engages the shopper .
• Staff Management—The new system automatically track staff activities on a regular basis. Administrators can now easily note accident reports, incident reports, and reimbursement activity.

With these enhancements Limoride has seen a positive impact on their business. Their sales and leads have multiplied with a dramatic increase in conversions.

• Before the site revisions, LimoRide received roughly 1,110 leads per month. The site is now averaging 1,720per month—a 55% increase!
• 10% increase in sales per month resulting in an additional $16,000 monthly revenue

Is LimoRide satisfied with the website developed by DotcomWeavers? “I honestly cannot say enough good things about DotcomWeavers and their team of experts,” says Gary Leranian, President and CEO of LimoRide. “They have helped take LimoRide to an entirely new level of success.”

Pump Products

There is no doubt that PumpProducts is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality pumps, parts and service at the lowest prices. But there was a big question about the efficiency of their checkout process. “They came to DotcomWeavers because they wanted a streamlined checkout experience for their online customers,” explains Amit Bhaiya, founder and president of DotcomWeavers. “Cart abandonment was a big issue for them, but our solution helped turn their visitors into paying customers.”

By implementing user enhancement modules and a seamless checkout, Pump Express customers received the following benefits:
• Increased Speed—Customers no longer have to wait for page refreshes between each step of the checkout experience.
• Improved Clarity—Customers can see exactly where they are in the checkout process. They also know how many additional fields remain before the process is complete.
• Single page checkout—Because all of the checkout fields are on the same page there is no need to go forward or back in the browser. All of the critical information fields are in one location.

The end result is an improved customer experience that is driving improved customer satisfaction and sales.

• 300% growth in online business in less than two years
• 54% growth in organic traffic in one year

Bulls Bikes

Bulls Bikes understands the importance of customer insight. The more they know about their customers, the better they can serve their customers. DotcomWeavers helped turn Bulls Bikes’ passion for customer service into improved service.

• Improved Price Comparisons—Bulls Bikes knew something interesting about its customers—they almost always wanted to look at more than one bicycle before making a purchase. Unfortunately, the Bulls Bikes website didn’t have a price comparison tool…until DotcomWeavers provided an upgrade. Now, customers can easily find and review the pricing structure of several bikes at once.
• Drag-and-Drop Comparison Capability—DotcomWeavers partnered with Bulls Bikes to build a drag-and-drop comparison tool. This enhancement allows Bulls Bikes’ customers to click an image of a bike to move that image—and all of its accompanying information—to a single location.
• Enhanced User Experience—With improved pricing comparisons and a better product preview capabilities, Bulls Bikes is providing its customers with a more pleasant shopping experience.

The results speak volumes about the benefit of the site improvements:
• 40% drop in the bounce rates
•130% improvement in sales due to an enhanced shopping experience and seamless checkout
• Fewer abandoned carts

Is your eCommerce website successfully converting visitors into paying customers? If not, be sure to ask your developer to discuss systems and integration solutions to track metrics and re-work your site for improved results. Tools like Google Analytics, Crazy Egg and other can help (read more here…

DotcomWeavers would be honored to speak with you about our ability to deliver a high-performing website that can increase sales and improve customer experience. To speak with one of our professionals, contact us at [email protected] or 888.315.6518.

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