Do not be an eCommerce Dinosaur


Sep 07, 2010

In the business world, just like in everything else, quickly adapting to change is the key to survival.  Take a good look around, new businesses in every conceivable industry are popping up daily.  The face of business is rapidly changing since the emergence of the internet and the many doors it has opened to every aspect of society.  Yesterday, your company may have had 5 main competitors.  Today it has 10 and tomorrow it will have well over 20.  When it comes to the internet and eCommerce, the numbers and possibilities are unlimited.  That includes the number of customers and potential sales your business could be making everyday. You can’t afford to be an eCommerce dinosaur.

Is your company struggling to survive?  Why, when help is just a mouse-click away?

Everything is on the web now.  Even if your business has yet to find it’s way online, the tools and services to help get it there are easily accessible from the internet.  Truthfully, businesses can only blame themselves for lack of sales.  If you are not reaching customers, then you are not looking and advertising in the right places.  Expand your horizons and find a client base in new regions, rather than relying on just your local community.

Accomplishing this feat is not as hard as it may first appear.  In fact, transitioning to the online scene and becoming a major presence can be an almost painless task.  Maybe your business is already online, but things are still looking a bit dreary for you.  Then you need to update your online storefront and start making use of the newest and best web technologies for presenting your product or service to customers.

First things first:  If you are not online with your business, GET ONLINE.  No matter how niche your service or product, there are customers out there that need and want it.  Business 101 stresses that the most important part of business is Location, Location, Location.  Well, in this day and age, billions upon billions are spent every year in online sales.  Local economies are subject to downturns that greatly effect the businesses in town.  When you are on the internet, customers are available by the millions.

Second: If you are already online, then you need to make sure you are making use of the latest in web technologies to attract and retain visitors.  Not sure how to do that?  Shop around and find a quality, reliable web development company to help bring the right look and feel to your online storefront.  Get an overhaul on web design that is sure to attract more visitors.  Include tasteful graphics and multimedia to help retain those visitors and turn them into loyal customers.  Make sure your checkout process is easy and convenient for them, once they decide to purchase from your business.  These are the areas of greatest importance when transitioning your online business into an internet success.

The hardest part is finding a web development and design company that offers these services and more.  Dotcomweavers is unique in the New Jersey and New York area, as they provide web design, web development, e-Commerce solutions and internet marketing strategies.

Using the right company to help re-invent your web presence is just as important as making the decision to get and stay ahead of your competitors.  Recall the fate of the dinosaurs.  They were slow to adapt when the Earth changed and so they died out, while other species adapted quickly and managed to thrive.  Your business must adapt to the ever growing entity that is the internet.   Embrace it and make it work for you.  Through it, your business can stay ahead of the market and reach millions of new customers.  Incorporate the best in web technology and online sales techniques into your business model and start finding out what true success feels like.

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