Top 5 Web Design Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Conversion Rates


Nov 19, 2012

In today’s competitive Internet marketplace, it’s easy to attract more business but in some ways, it’s more difficult. A few years ago, you could kind of get away with having a mediocre website. Today, this is simply not the case. If your website doesn’t stand the test of time, your potential customers will abandon your website and go elsewhere.  The good news is you can avoid common web design mistakes, such as the following:

Mistake #1: Cutting corners by hiring a cheap web designer.

Often times, many small business owners are so anxious to get their website up and running that they will cut corners when it comes to website design. For example, they will hire a web design company based solely on price.  If you choose a web designer because he or she offers the cheapest rates in town, you could be doing yourself a major disservice.

It’s better to hire someone who’s qualified and a little more on the expensive side than hiring someone who lacks creativity and skill. There may be a logical reason why they’re so cheap.  In the end, you’re actually spending more money. When you hire a web designer who’s capable of developing a well-designed website, you receive a higher return on your investment.

Mistake #2: Your website focuses solely on design and nothing else.

Don’t get us wrong, the NJ web design experts at Dotcomweavers believe design is top priority when it comes to building a website. However, if you’re serious about attracting business or subscribers to your website, your focus should also be on the marketability of your website. Some people place full emphasis on creating the best design on the Internet but then they’re disappointed when their sales drop.  A website shouldn’t only bring in business, it should also get people to the right place once they’ve landed on a home page.

It’s also very important to remember that not all of your customers will be visiting your website from their laptop or desktop. You must consider those who will be navigating from their iPad or Smartphone device. So, if your goal is to build a flash website, it’s important to note that flash websites don’t normally look well on Smartphones and tablets.

However, if you’re going to have a flash website built, it’s highly recommended that you also have a mobile version of your website. If your mobile users are unable to navigate through your website, you could be losing sales. Remember, you only have a few seconds to hook your user before they decide to abandon your website.

Mistake #3: Zero Call-To-Action Means Zero Sales

Once a customer has landed on your web page, what do you want them to do? Do you want them to ‘like’ your Facebook page? Do you want them to purchase your product or service? Do you want them to contact you for a free quote? Our recommendation to clients that we provide with web design in NJ is that your call-to-action should be clear all throughout — from your website design to your web content. It should immediately answer the ‘what’s in it for me?’ question. Websites with clear call-to-actions tend to have higher sales conversions.

Mistake #4: You decide to purchase a do-it-yourself website.

Building a website on your own may seem like a cost-effective solution but there is a catch. Do-it-yourself website can bury your brand, especially if you invest in a do-it-yourself website builder. Your customers won’t be able to distinguish your brand from the thousands of other do-it-yourself websites (just like yours) on the Internet. Often times, these websites are poorly built, lack creativity and functionality. When your customers visit your website, they expect it to look  clean, easy to navigate, focused messaging, not confusing , and  that not is too busy with too many distractions. Every webpage should have very specific content or product detail in case of an ecommerce website. and other snippets, the webpage  should have clear and well defined titled, must have a header that states one line summary. This will help the customer focus on the webpage, and take the necessary call to action, thus improving conversion rates.. A poorly designed website can really crush sales.

Mistake #5: Your content has expired.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, your website should contain up-to-date information about your company, products and services. A website builds credibility when it contains fresh content that fulfills the needs of its customers. If you have a blog, it should contain up-to-date blog posts. If you haven’t updated your blog since the 4th of July, it’s time to start posting fresh content. Seriously, your visitors will take notice and judge you on how frequent you post new content. It also helps with SEO when you post fresh content on a regular basis.

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