Product Data & Catalog Management

Optimize your eCommerce Store

Our data management services will help more people see your content by providing essential information in high-impact areas. This optimization provides a distinct advantage as it will drive more traffic to your website, help visitors find the products they want, and make it easier for them to make informed buying decisions. In short, we’ll help your products ‘talk’ to customers by communicating their benefits in a concise and engaging way. Proper end-to-end data product data and catalog management is essential to the user experience and will also ensure that your website ranks well on search engines.


Establishing a clear paradigm for product data management will ensure consistency and convenience for you and your customers. We’ll create a system to organize important product information such as type, category, descriptions, features, specifications, dimensions, price, images, and more.


It is essential to the user experience that customers can quickly and easily find desired product information in an intuitive shopping environment. We can help you classify and categorize your products in a custom taxonomy to streamline shopping and increase conversion rates.

We are data management experts.


Whether you offer dozens or thousands of SKUs, product management can be very time-consuming without an automated system. In order to save on time and costs, we will build automation into your CMS. This also makes adding new SKUs and updating content on existing ones simple and efficient.


Product data must be carefully curated to engage customers and provide the information they need to make a buying decision. We’ll help you identify ways to keep product data consistent and compelling. We do this by filling in missing information, enriching data with SEO-friendly elements and much more.

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More Questions about Data Management

Absolutely. Not only are we experts at building systems and taxonomies that support your product data, we can also help you create the data itself. Through a combination of keyword research, copywriting expertise and adherence to brand style, we can create compelling consumer-facing content as well as the data to populate the backend.
We have lots of experience with this process. Many clients come to us looking to expand their brick-and-mortar business into the eCommerce sphere. Our expert designers and content strategists can adapt your current product catalog to work within the product taxonomies we create for your website. We’ll also ensure that the content itself is updated for web-friendly use.
This is part of the service we provide. By carefully building your product taxonomy, content presentation, and data fields, we will ensure that you have a functional template to work with after launch. Whether you want to update an existing product or add a new one, you will be in complete control of your product data. We’ll even train you how to manage the catalog and data from the backend.
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