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Customized Landing Pages Are What You Need in Your Web Design


Jul 13, 2011

A landing page is any website page designed specifically to get a result out of the person who arrives there. In short, the visitor to your site has clicked on a link or ad to get to this page and you want them to take a specific action before they leave the page. You may want the person to sign up for your newsletter or to purchase a product or service from you. The problem is, a basic, boring landing page is not going to get their attention. You need a customized landing page that is a part of your web design.

How to Create the Ideal Landing Page

The customized landing page should do several key things for your business, but the most important feature is its ability to make the sale. It does not matter if you have ten people standing in a car lot trying to sell a car to someone. If they do not know how to sell and do not have the skills to make it happen, you won’t turn a profit. The following are tips on how to ensure that your landing page is an integrated, functional part of your web design and is customized for your needs.

  • A customized landing page needs to be personal. It needs, in some way, to get a response from the reader. The reader of that page needs to know exactly what your product or service is going to do to solve their problem. To make this happen, you need a personalized landing page that can answer that question.
  • A quality and effective landing page gives the visitor a reason to invest, often times some type of incentive. What am I going to get out of this? These extras are often add-on services that may cost your business nothing extra but that add value to the product you are selling. No one wants to pass up on free stuff. Your page needs to deliver a customized incentive offer.
  • The customized page must also create some level of anxiety in the buyer. They need to act now. If not, what will happen? Will the product become unavailable? Will the price go up? People respond under enough pressure.
  • You need to motivate your visitors with your landing page. Generally, you need to show them why they need what you are offering and help them to see how much they want it. The only way to make this happen is to have a customized page that gets a reaction based on what you are offering.
  • You also need to show off your creditability here. Most visitors are fully aware that you are selling to them and they want to know why they should trust you. Perhaps of all aspects, this is the most important to remember. A customized landing page should answer the question “Why should I trust you?”

By using the term customized here, you should realize that the goal is to create a landing page that is more than just a form. It needs to speak about your product, deliver your message and to make your sale happen. If you have this type of page in place, and utilize and market it properly, you will get the results you are after. You will see the conversions you need.

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