Custom Development

Whether you’re a startup, SMB or enterprise-level company, we build software applications that can expand your business performance, solve user problems, and scale beautifully.

When your needs go beyond cookie-cutter capabilities, you need custom software. Our team can create a software solution that helps you automate processes, streamline systems and do more business.

Transform your business and stand out in your market

If you can dream it, we can build it. With custom software from DotcomWeavers you get endless possibilities and seamless integrations.

Whether you need unique functionality or want a third-party plugin customized to fit your ERP, CRM or anything else, we’ll make it work with your systems. Plus, your software will scale and adapt as your business grows.

All our development is done in-house and we’ll train you how to use your software so you’re ready to run after launch.

"Not only did we launch on time and on budget, but we were able to meet our business needs at a fraction of the cost estimated by other companies."

Customize products and kits from a single page

Product configurators let your users choose product attributes like color, finish, and size, from a single product page. They also adjust prices automatically. This enhanced user experience streamlines the buying process and boosts conversions.

Your admins get total freedom to customize products on the backend and can batch-upload product via spreadsheet. Managing products this way consolidates data by reducing the number of pages.

Configurators add SEO value to your site by enriching product pages with qualified content and reducing duplicate content issues.

Our preferred platform for product configurator integration is Magento.

Customized to fit you, your business and your site

A custom software application gives you the freedom to choose how your business operates. It’s also a way to give your users an experience that’s fun, useful and new.

Just a few ways we can help you add depth and functionality to your website or mobile app include:

  • Virtual Try-on Tools
  • Virtual Home Tours
  • Virtual Shopping
  • Interactive Everything (catalogs, infographics, etc.)
  • Custom Web Portals
  • Conversational Commerce

Proof it works:

Over the years, DotcomWeavers has delivered over 100, captivating, highly functional, and infinitely scalable eCommerce solutions, with the robust Magento Platform as the driving force behind the ultimate success of our partners.


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