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Oct 10, 2010

As a consumer, there are few things more frustrating than not being able to find what you want.  Customers need constant information on the latest products and services available to make decisions.  When they visit your e-commerce store, a customer should find the latest updates on all things your online business offers.  Avoid losing transactions for silly reasons.  Constant updates for your online storefront are necessary to keep customers informed and interested.

When changes are made to company policy, the employees are informed right away.  Company-wide memos are distributed throughout.  Advertisements reflect the changes made, announcing it to the local community.  If you have a sales team, you tell them when changes are made to a product or service they sell.  Not doing that would prevent the new change from being presented to customers.  The same idea must be applied to your online storefront.  New products and services must be announced on your website.  Do not leave it up to the consumer to take the initiative and find it, tell them. Each major landing page and step of the checkout process should contain a reminder.

E-commerce tools have come a long way, but if you do not make use of them, they cannot help your business succeed.  These days, there is software that combines every step of the checkout process into one package.  With the help of experts, you will find the software fully customizable to your business needs.  The right software can handle any number of product SKU’s.  It can incorporate any number of views and descriptions in the catalog portion of your e-commerce store; all helping to entice customers.

Now, if your online store does not have an easily customizable checkout process, then it is highly recommended you get one right away.  If you already have one, then it makes no sense not to make proper use of it.  Static pages are a thing of the past; no longer are they the norm for business websites.  How you represent your store online is most likely all the customer will see and know, so be sure everything you want them to know about is on your website and being actively advertised.  Make sure your e-commerce is updated daily.  Do not make the mistake of thinking customers are stupid.  Despite their lack of technical knowledge, most customers show surprising insight on what makes a quality company website.  They appreciate a small business that constantly updates the information on their website and they will return to check up on those new additions.  Remember, they cannot buy what they do not know about.

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