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Communication and Web Development


Oct 05, 2010

The most important aspect to proper web development is planningGood planning takes great communication between the web developers and the business. There are many so-called professional agencies out there that will create an entire website for a company with almost no contact with the people in the know, within the company.  Avoid getting a cookie-cutter, poorly thought out website.  Find experts that will listen and learn what your company needs before they begin planning your websites development process.

Without proper communication between your business and its web developers, many things will go wrong.  The web design will not mirror the vision you had for your company and you want it represented online.  Components such as flash and multimedia will not properly meld with the rest of the websites functionality and flow.  Your website, which you have invested considerable amounts of money in, could end up with multiple components and third party applications that do not mesh or interact correctly.  Imagine a company that deals in all kinds of nuts.  Without any communication with contacts in the business, the developers create images related to squirrels and other nature themed designs.  Later on, they find out the company creates and ships out metal nuts and bolts, not the edible kind.  That is one big oopsy.

Communication is vital to evaluating a business and creating plans and solutions for its web development.  The process can be compared to building a house.  Before the first shovel of dirt is moved, the architectural plans need to be created and agreed upon by all parties.  The architect must talk to the people who are paying to have the structure built.  Then, both parties must be in constant contact with the crew responsible for turning the plans into reality.  There are many components that go into building a house and web development.  Excellent lines of communication greatly reduce the chances that any of those components get overlooked.  You do not want a house built with three bathrooms when you asked for five, just like your company does not want a website that has no member specific components when the business is based on membership services.

Finding and hiring expert web developers is a great investment for your businesses online presence, so do not waste it.  Take your time and find a team of experts that will talk to you and in turn listen to what you have to say. Become an active participant in the decision making process, concerning what your online storefront needs before plans are set and the solution process begins.  Better communication leads to better planning, which results in creating a better website for you.

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