Why You Should Be Turning to Cloud Computing and DropBox


Aug 03, 2011

cloud computing

Are you using Cloud Computing and Drop Box yet? If you are not, you may want to find out what you are missing. Cloud Computing is a program that allows you to reach everything you need to maximize your experience online in one place. Drop Boxes is a software program that allows you to share all of your important documents in a cloud, meaning that anyone who has access to that cloud in cyber space has access to your documents (of course, you limit who has this right.) The benefits of these services are improved productivity, ease of use and effective management of your systems.

What Is Cloud Computing?
Cloud Computing is easy to get into. All you need to go is to log into a Google account (if you do not have one, you can sign up for one without any fee to do so.) Once there, look to the top of the screen where you will see a link marked as “documents.” Click on that link and you’ll see all of the features it offers, including:

  • Create a new document or presentation that anyone who has access to your file can view and participate in
  • You can create a template to follow.
  • You can create a form that those who have access to the account can use.
  • Use it for other features, too, including sharing a collection, sharing a drawing, or even a spreadsheet.

You can create your own collections and set who has access to them. You can also log in and check the collections others are sharing with you. Upload information, including files to your account for others to see. This service, simply, allows you to manage everything in one place. Instead of having everything on your hard drive, where you can only access it from one computer, this allows you and your colleagues to access everything easily.

What is Drop Box?
Drop Box is very similar to cloud computing online. Here, you have a software program that you download and store on your computer. It works like any other folder on your computer except that you share it with others. Share a video. Share files that you want people to have access to. You can share information and documents to numerous people without having to actually send files to them. The program comes with 2GB of storage and allows you to upgrade it for a fee.

Why Use It?
There are many reasons to use cloud computing as well as Drop Box features.

  • Using these systems can reduce the computing costs of businesses.
  • It gives you better freedom to share and access data and application from anywhere.
  • You can access data and information from various devices, including your netbook or your mobile phone, not just your desktop.)
  • Everything is centralized and readily available. This makes everything simply to have at your fingertips when you want it.
  • The security when using cloud computing is thought to be better than using network based security that changes in overall protection from one service or device to the next.

Are these enough reasons to start using cloud computing online features or to turn to Drop Box? If you are still not sure, download the program and begin using it. You’ll find it easier to use than you thought.

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