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Aug 15, 2010

The Internet has experienced an unbelievable growth and evolution which includes the number of individuals and businesses who rely on the Internet daily for personal and business reasons. A major innovation on this upsurge of interest in internet marketing has been the application of video for mainstream marketing.

Mobile video devices and video marketing are now financially within the realm of possibilities for nearly all businesses who do any advertising.  Almost every mobile device is equipped with standard video capablities, therefore if it may play music, make calls, or snap shots, chances are it can play or even shoot video.  If you think about it, that is an advertising channel right in the palm of your customers’ hand.
For you businesses out there, consider the use of videos and multimedia because it is easier than you may think. Now think about how testimonials from genuinely satisfied clients help generate more confidence in prospective clients. Experience with videos also helps businesses realize the importance of a personal touch in its marketing and this can often be accomplished by “striking while the iron is hot” which means getting a video testimonial when the person’s emotions are still fresh and high. The more recent the positive experience the more eager is the customer to rave about the service or product. Emotions sell products and a quotation from a person who is in on an emotional high is very compelling and can be very convincing.

Also, the use of a small video camera is much less threatening to a person than a bulky camera because everyone is used to having their picture taken.  So you can encourage them to record their own video.  Think of it as a digital compliment that you can share and use to benefit your business. To make the most of the opportunity for a testimonial it is worth the time for a business owner or manager to make a list of possible questions and these can be as simple as “How would you describe my service or product?” What is your favorite feature of my service or product?” “Specifically, how has your life changed because of my product?”

Dotcomweavers know two most important benefits of getting personal video testimonial from customers.  That is seeing our satisfied client with their appreciation and enjoyment of our services and the recorded testimonial is authentic.  It cannot get anymore personal and genuine than a video testimonal, certainly a step up from a written letter of typed feedback.

Dotcomweavers Inc is a NJ/NY based web solutions company providing high quality web development solutions.  Every customer has questions,  see what some of our clients have to say about us.   For more information, visit Dotcomweavers Video Testimonials

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