How to Choose a Payment Solution for Your eCommerce Website


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You can offer your customers the best products online but if they’re unable to pay for your products without problems, they will abandon your website and go elsewhere. Finding the best online payment solution for your e-commerce website is crucial because it can make or break a sale. The following are a few helpful tips on choosing the best online payment solution for your business:

Choose a hassle-free payment solution.

If you want a payment solution that’s easy to set up without the hassle, there are a variety of payment systems available for you to choose from. For example, many business owners start off with PayPal because they don’t require a merchant’s account. Plus, you don’t have to have a secure web hosting or a separate payment gateway system. You don’t even need to have a separate shopping cart for your website because they handle everything for you.

Once your payment system is set up, they charge per transaction, which can really add up. Some people prefer opening a merchant’s account through a traditional bank because the fees are usually lower. The only downside to going through a traditional bank is that there is a lot more red tape involved.

This is why many people choose PayPal because it’s easy and convenient. Plus, consumers no longer required to sign up for a PayPal account to make a purchase; they can simply make a purchase as a guest.

Offering Credit Card Processing

If you want to offer credit card processing, you will need a payment gateway system. In order to have a payment gateway system, you must set up a merchant’s account. A payment gateway will link your website to your bank account for payments.

In order to set up a merchant’s account, you must qualify to be able to accept online transactions. Once you qualify, you will need to figure out the kind of payments you will accept – for example, automated phone payment, direct debit or just credit card payments through your website.

Find a Payment Gateway Provider.

A payment gateway provider will offer you a secure link between your bank and your website payment page. There is an assortment of gateway providers available to choose from online. Some providers will charge monthly fees with a percentage of each sales transaction or an annual fee. Before choosing a provider, make sure you compare the cost and see which one will fit your needs.

Will you need a shopping cart?

This all depends on the type of products you will be selling in your online store. Make sure you check with the payment gateway to see what shopping cart system it is compatible with and if it’s compatible with your bank. This is where a NJ web development company like Dotcomweavers comes in very handy. We will help you set up a custom shopping cart for your online store that’s compatible with your banking system.

Before choosing any payment solution, make sure you conduct thorough research. There are various payment solutions available in the market. It’s important that you choose one that will coincide with the needs of your business.

To find out more information on finding the best payment solutions for your e-commerce business, contact us or call 1-888-315-6518.


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