Catalog Management Service

The ever-evolving eCommerce industry needs companies to be able to showcase all the information to their users for them to be able to make purchase decisions online.

Catalog management services ensure all the product information is available to the users. More information helps users to make informed decisions.

Our Offerings

Product Classifications

Our Team follows a multi-standard classification system for each product and also can develop the product tree/taxonomy that can simplify the structure for the online store. The success of an eCommerce site depends on the accuracy of the product classification. We ensure your products are listed under the right category.

Product Taxonomy Development

Our taxonomy developers have worked with all types of product categories and use their expertise to gather, analyze, review and apply the product taxonomy. We standardizes your product data and improves the searches. We help the audience to understand the relationship between your product and various aspects of your consumer service and engagement.

Data Migration

E-commerce catalogs require an error-free, efficient and effective migration of your offline data to your electronic records, databases, and catalogs. If you have high volumes of sensitive data, worry not, allow We to be of service.

Duplicate Identification

Our team processes to reduce duplicity of information and reduces actual costs of data & catalog management. As well as we help to nullify the financial, operational and legal risks of duplicate information.

Data Enrichment

A lot of existing data requires additional inputs of information that enhance the reliability, relevance, utility and clarity of data for a wide spectrum of the audience. We team analyzes the product data for inconsistencies and rephrases enriched data with keywords for SEO which helps to make unique from the competitors. We help to reduce your manual efforts required to cleanse the product data and get a high-quality catalog output from us.

Data Cleansing

Manual records or poorly managed electronic records are prone to a lot of errors and corruptions because the process of internal validation is very difficult. Data cleansing not only cleans the data of such errors but also serves as a practice of continuous validation. Our experts rewrite the product data wherever required to increase data efficiency.

Advantages of Catalog management

Get Better Conversion With User Friendly Product Catalogs

If you are the owner of an eCommerce store, we can help you build, maintain and regularly update your product database, complete with information and correct to the last detail, thereby shortening the conversion time by presenting the product details and specifications in real time to your prospects

Given the space, time and expenditure constraints of paper catalogues, online catalog management is a huge aid as it can be easily updated, accessed and is user friendly.

Convert Paper Catalogs into Digital Format

Our Catalog management services help you convert your paper catalogs into digital format to generate industry standard-formatted files for your customers. Outsourcing product data management services at We also assist you in integrating the product data with attributes, proper classification and categorization along with shipping policies, warranty information and manufacturing details and catalog image processing.

Add Value for Better Conversion

Promoting your products, we also key in Comparative category data, Promotional pricing and sales deals to attract customers. We also cross-link products for cross-selling and up-sell, create metadata for site search and SEO, and launch content marketing campaign by linking images, video, PDF documentation with your product information.

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