Pump Products

How an industry leader grows revenue month over month and stays ahead of the competition.

Technology adaptation and customer service helped this national distributor of pumps, controls, and electric motors thrive for more than 30 years.

To maintain its leadership in the industry, Pump Products asked us to migrate their Magento 1.9 site to the highly-customizable and scalable Magento 2.3x.

+17% conversion rate

+13% repeat customers

-12% bounce rate


Magento 1 to 2 Migration

Improve site speed and security. Custom DDI ERP integration. Implement Interactive Parts Finder.

Increase Stickiness

Parts finder with interactive diagram-based search. Manual finder based on brand & series.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Enhance and personalize search, product detail page, and checkout experiences.

Our Approach

Migrate & Enhance

DotcomWeavers had three goals for Pump Products’ Magento 2.3x migration: streamline data management, enhance the user experience, and increase the conversion rate.

First, we rebuilt the site navigation, customized the checkout and created a custom integration to their ERP (DDI). Then we added new features like custom shipping options and MAP pricing on every product page.

Finally, we developed new interactive parts and manual finders to help B2B and B2C customers quickly find what they need.


Custom Integration

Pump Products wanted to streamline their order-to-cash cycle integration. The DDI ERP is ideal for large parts and machinery distributors like Pump Products. But with no direct connector for Magento and DDI available, we built them a custom, flat-file-based integration.

With this integration, DDI sends an inventory pricing and availability file every night that updates the availability and price of each product on Pump Products’ website.

Magento exports a flat order master file and order details file for every order placed. Then DDI sends back a shipment file that contains details about the items that were shipped and their tracking info, which is then imported into Magento.

Catalog & Data Management

Search, Shipping & CRO

To make their 50,000+ SKU inventory more accessible, we scrubbed Pump Products’ databases and installed a PIM (product information manager). The PIM establishes a data management workflow with their product data team and automatically receives SKU data from the DDI ERP.

Now the Pump Products team can enrich product data with manufacturer-provided info like specifications, manuals, PDFs, and diagrams. The completed data is then automatically pushed to their Magento store.

This workflow ensures that only completed product information resides on Magento. It also allows bulk data updates through pre-defined spreadsheet formats and operations on the PIM.

On the frontend, the Parts Finder lets users search for parts by manufacturer, SKU #, series, and more. The Manual Finder leads customers to brochures, product manuals and even interactive product model diagrams for faster, more accurate discovery.

Interactive Parts Diagrams

Simple Visual Search

Diagrams do double duty. First, they simplify shopping by helping customers find and buy parts for the machines they fit. Users can hover over a part on the diagram, see its information, and either add to their cart or visit the product page.

Second, diagrams allow Pump Products to sell individual replacement parts without launching a second website. Now, customers who don’t know what they need or don’t place regular bulk orders by SKU # can find and buy single products.

Product areas on the diagrams have hover and click interactivity to show the availability of each part. All data is pulled in real-time from the Pump Products database and connected to the diagram nodes (which are identified as SKUs of the parts.)

We built this custom system with HTML/JS/CSS and made it compatible with touch-based smartphones and tablets. The diagram interface is built with vector SVG graphics. This means they are 100% scalable to any screen and allow users to zoom in and out.

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