A Website to Drive New Leads

LimoRide wanted to increase their lead generation and revenue through a new website with custom software that had to:

  1. Attract customers and communicate brand value through an intuitive front-end interface.
  2. Automate internal business functions such as quote generation, inventory management, scheduling, driver availability and tracking, expanded search returns and flexible pricing options.
  3. Streamline the booking process and promote repeat business

Research, Planning & Design

We worked closely with the LimoRide team to understand their industry from the ground up. Through a collaborative effort, we created a beautiful and responsive website layout that supported LimoRide’s vision for a fully-automated business solution. Our site architecture accommodated all LimoRide’s requirements, optimized user experience and was scalable to allow for future growth.

Development, Testing & Launch

With the solution blueprint in place, we commenced building the website in Laravel. We integrated the Google Maps API, a voice recording module, flexible inventory management modules and price and quote management features for complete business process control. Once the site was complete, we did extensive testing to ensure the launch of a bug-free asset that would produce outstanding results.

60 +

Increase in New Leads


Increase in Monthly Sales/Revenue


Reduction in Customer Service Calls
  • In the first quarterly analytics review after launch, LimoRide’s new website had increased lead generation by 27%, or about 1,400 new leads per month!
  • With more leads coming in, LimoRide experienced an 8% jump in overall conversions that translated into an additional $15,000 in monthly sales.
Real Time Web Analytics
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