Hot Tub Spa Supplies

Consistent, year-over-year eCommerce revenue growth for a major spa parts and supplies retailer.

HTSS has been a major name in the industry for many years but needed a new eCommerce presence to stay competitive. Our first project with them was a Magento 1 website that took their business online.

Several years later, we’ve again worked with HTSS to revolutionize their eCommerce – this time on Magento 2.3.

60% Increase in Conversion Rate

90% Increase in Website Traffic

20% Increase in Revenue


Magento 2.3 Migration

Migrate their website while maintaining performance

Optimized Parts Finder

Improve search accuracy and streamline results

User Experience

Design a customer-friendly site that boosts conversions

Our Approach

Migrate & Optimize

Hot Tub Spa Supplies is a retail business 100% focused on giving their customers the best value, service and products. Their new site needed to support this goal on the front- and backends, which is why the first task was to migrate them to Magento 2.3.

The site needed to provide fast access to specific parts among an inventory of more than 10,000 SKUs while maintaining an exciting and friendly brand experience. With this in mind, we focused on three key goals: streamlining the search tool, making it visible throughout the site, and redesigning the site navigation.





Parts Finder

Put Key Features First

Hot Tub Spa Supplies customers got a convenient - and much smarter - tool to search, review and buy the parts they need. We worked with the HTSS team to create better search filters and logic to users navigate to what they wanted. To make it the key sales tool on the website, we also made the parts finder ‘sticky’ so it appears at the top of every page - and in front of every user.

Streamlined Design

Enhance the User Experience

Part of how HTSS continues to grow their revenue is by learning more about their customer needs and wants - and then providing solutions. To help users find what they want and enjoy the journey, our design team deployed a new look for the HTSS brand.

The modern style of the site isn’t just for looks though - every design choice was carefully thought out to optimize user engagement. Every click leads people closer to the products they want, which is good news for the HTSS conversion rate.

"DotcomWeavers redesigned our existing eCommerce website. They takes all the steps to make the transition go smoothly. Our new website came out great. I continue to work with DotcomWeavers because they also to help grow our business. I definitely would recommend them."

-Marco Prisco, Owner HOT TUB SPA SUPPLIES

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