A Sweet New Website

Global Sugar Art had a variety of products and services to offer, and they needed a versatile website that could accommodate their growing product inventory and training initiatives in a user-friendly environment. They asked us to:

  1. Migrate the site from X-Cart to a more robust platform that supported deep customization and flexible sales and pricing capabilities
  2. Allow for quick changes to incorporate new content, products and marketing initiatives that supported improved metrics tracking features for team members
  3. Develop an engaging and fun brand atmosphere for a simple and enjoyable user experience.

Research, Planning & Design

We began with a comprehensive audit of GSA’s existing product inventory and web traffic history to identify key areas of improvement. After the research phase, we conceptualized a site architecture that allowed for simple product categorization, improved search returns, and automated order fulfillment. Throughout the process, we worked closely with the GSA team to ensure fulfillment of all requirements.

Development, Testing & Launch

Development began with a platform migration from X-Cart to Loaded Commerce, a CMS that provided much more control over their inventory. A custom integration with Monsoon Stone Edge streamlined the business process and allowed for easy order automation. We emphasized responsive functionality throughout development, and after testing launched a fully-functional web solution.


Weeks of Effort


Third-Party Enhancements


Reduction in Mobile Bounce Rate
  • Through a combination of the design and functionality, the new GSA site was featured in the magazine Internet Retailers in their prestigious Hot 100 List of the world’s best retail websites.
  • Combined with the listing in Internet Retailers, the seamless product categorizations, and checkout functions brought a massive increase in traffic, which turn led to more than a 100% boost in conversions.
Real Time Web Analytics
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