BULLS Bikes Magento 2 Migration Journey

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Reed Patterson

In eCommerce, you need a tech partner. Someone with strengths that complement your own. Like a developer with the knowledge and experience to help you grow your business online.

With the right partner, you can improve user experiences, streamline your fulfillment process and open up new markets. 

Over the past 5 years, that’s the kind of partnership we’ve built with BULLS Bikes. Here’s a quick look at their journey from a startup eCommerce business to a thriving online brand.

Bulls Bikes Magento 2 Migration

Part 1: Identify Problems + Find Solutions

We met the owners when they were just breaking into B2C eCommerce. During our consultation and audit we zeroed in on two eCommerce pain points that prevented them from succeeding online:

  1. They weren’t sure what platform would achieve their tech integration and business goals
  2. They needed a cost-effective solution with a faster go-to-market strategy

We moved BULLS to OSCommerce to solve these problems and get BULLS on track to secure more of the American market.

Part 2: Accelerate Growth

The move to OSCommerce helped BULLS build a following and boost conversions. Great news, but continued success requires continuous improvement. And they wanted to get deeper into B2B sales.

But to avoid revisiting the problems they came to us with, we suggested they move to an eCommerce platform engineered to scale. That platform was Magento because:

  • The platform supports B2C and B2B features.
  • Magento supports better mobile shopping experiences.
  • It has multi-site features to manage many sites from one backend. 

Part 3: Bulls Bikes Magento 2 Migration

We’ll be blunt: Magento 2 changed everything for BULLS. They had a new world of eCommerce features to play with. But we won’t dive into the nitty-gritty of Magento 2 Migration here. You can find everything you need to know about it in our Magento 1 to 2 Migration webinar.

Instead, let’s take a quick look at the practical steps we took to help BULLS reach their eCommerce goals.

First, we integrated flexible UPS shipping options and multiple merchant accounts like Amazon Pay and PayPal. The TaxJar integration automated their accounting and compliance processes. And Magento 2’s out-of-the-box marketing tools helped them jumpstart their largest sales campaigns yet. The B2b features empowered their dealers with sales tools which allowed for enhanced customer engagement and after sales service. 

And Magento’s flexible codebase and scalable architecture mean that Bulls can be proactive, rather than reactive…which is everything when it comes to eCommerce. And helps explain their 100% increase in user engagement and steady month-over-month conversion growth.

New Part 4: UX Experience Upgrades

BULLS Bikes is a B2B and B2C company, so their UX had to fit the needs of each. We added some new tools to Magento to make it easier for their customers to shop. These included:

  • An abandoned cart feature
  • A dealer locator module

The abandoned cart feature sends an automated, personalized email to every user that adds items to their cart but doesn’t buy. This gives Bulls got another chance to convert leads who weren’t quite ready to buy the first time.

The dealer locator module supports customers and dealers. Customers can search by zip code and discover BULLS dealers near them where they could inspect, try and pick-up the bikes they want. Qualified dealers can add themselves as designated shippers within a specific radius. This data helps optimize shipping distances and streamline order fulfillment automatically.

Part 5: Spread the Word

Now that Bulls have a website they can work with (not against) they asked us to get more involved in their marketing efforts. Thanks to the Bulls Bikes Magento 2 migration, their goals were ambitious AND realistic. They wanted to:

  • Build brand awareness on social media
  • Double the conversion rate
  • Boost organic traffic to the homepage

To do this, we focused on quality, not quantity. 

We dug into the data and adjusted their Google Adwords and Display Ads to target optimal demographics for every product. Other adjustments to their site, like new breadcrumbs and keywords, boosted their SEO performance and raised their rank on SERPs.

Part 6: Expanding the Partnership

The past 5 years with BULLS Bikes have been quite a journey. And when we were asked to support their other eCommerce websites using the Magento 2 multi-site feature, we knew it was only getting started.

Though no one can predict what the next 5 years will bring, BULLS now has the tech infrastructure and partnerships to navigate and succeed in an ever-changing online world.


Want to learn more about BULLS? Find them in our project portfolio or visit BULLS online.

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