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Sep 12, 2010

Almost everyone has access to the internet nowadays.  Most households are online and it seems over half the world either has a smart phone, a laptop that can connect remotely or both.  Companies, especially eCommerce companies, are not relying on the locals in their neighborhood for business anymore.  Your online store can be accessed by potential customers from anywhere now.  The question is: what do they find when they look up your website? To answer this, you need a powerful web marketing strategy.
This is the age if instant satisfaction.  When people go looking for something online, they expect to find it right away.  None of your customers are likely to be web development or web design professionals, yet they know a professional website when they see one.  When visitors find you online, is your website encouraging them to do business with you or discouraging them?  For the majority of businesses online, it is the latter.  Potential customers find the website and are immediately disappointed with what they see.  As an online business, you have only seconds to capture the attention and satisfy the interests of visitors before they click away.  This places an incredible amount of importance on the aspects that make-up their first impression of your online storefront, so lets run through them:

Speed. When people come to your website, they expect it to load quickly, if not instantly.  Does your website take longer than five seconds to fully load its front page or any particular landing page?  Then you are losing customers before they can even view what your website has to offer.

Reliability.  Once your website loads, is the visitor immediately assaulted by advertisements and pop-ups?  If so, then here is another reason for possible customers to click away before sampling any content on your website.  No one likes pop-ups.  They are annoying, they distract from any measures taken on your page to entice the customer.  People associate such things with scams and viruses, giving the impression that your online storefront is unsafe.  Are there Google Ads on your website?  If you are selling a product or service, why would you want to distract your customers with other sales opportunities?  Make a decision,  is your website there to promote your business or is it just a portal to other businesses?

Professionalism.  The look and feel of your companies website must project an aura of professionalism.  Accomplishing this is much more difficult than it sounds.  There is no set formula or certain trick to perform here.  The design and functionality should come across as smooth and planned out.  Too many online storefronts look thrown together, cluttered.  If what the visitor first sees looks disorganized, then the company probably is as well.

Eye Catching.  A planned out website lets the customer know that you are serious.  To give the impression that you are the best at whatever it is you do, you need stylish, interactive applications that set your online business apart from the dozens of others in your industry.  Upon landing on your website, visitors should be hooked by your ‘Wow’ factor.  Make them utter the universal phrase for acceptance – ‘that’s cool’.

Clear and Concise Content.  Explain the product, service or message you want to convey quickly and in a manner that eliminates confusion.  Do not make your visitors guess.  Tell them exactly what you want them to know.  This is the time to be boastful about the great idea that has shaped your company and why anyone needs it.

A business with a sub-par website (or even worse, no website at all) is like a salesman without a business card.  If you want visitors to become customers, then impress and assure them of your companies professionalism the second they begin viewing.  Remember, the clock is ticking.

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