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Let’s see how much you know about the social media habits of adults. Fill in the blank below…

According to a recent survey, adults age 16-64 said they had visited the social media site _________________ more times in the past month than any other channel.

Here is a hint. There are three possible answers: Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

While most people would likely answer Facebook, the correct answer is actually YouTube. According to a recent GlobalWebIndex survey, 85 percent of adults in all five world regions (excluding China) said they regularly visited YouTube, compared to 76 percent for Facebook, and 40 percent for Twitter.
As you consider YouTube as a marketing alternative for your business (and if you’re not, maybe you should), here are 5 content ideas that can help put “you” in YouTube”.

Teach Them to Reach Them
Every business owner has something they can teach someone else. And helping your site visitors understand more about a process or product is a fantastic way to position yourself as an expert.
As you think about things you can teach, here are a few examples to give you an idea of how others are using YouTube:
• The proper way to clean a paintbrush
• Best steps to staining a deck
• The difference between ISO and f-stop on a camera
• Riding a hoverboard
• Baking a gingerbread house
• Making a design in your latte
• Carving a Halloween pumpkin

As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

Brag About It
This can be as simple as handing your cell phone to a satisfied customer and asking them to video their experience. Or it could be as intricate as hiring a professional videographer to stage and record a customer testimonial. No matter the strategy, the best of these videos have the customer talking about a challenge they faced before your business, how you addressed their challenge and the results of working with your company.

Who Am I?
One of the coolest features offered to businesses on YouTube is the Channel Trailer. This gives you a spotlight opportunity to provide first-time visitors to your YouTube channel with an overview of your channel’s content. Obviously, you’ll want to talk about your business and the advantages you offer customers.

Information Nation
Today’s customers often want to know as much as possible about a product before they hit the “buy” button. So, don’t leave them hanging. Record videos about your most popular products or the ones that offer you the most profitable opportunity. Tell customers about the valuable features that make the product special, insider tips about how others are using the product, and any other information that can motivate a potential buyer to become a loyal customer.

Tell Them What They Want to Know
You probably already have a Frequently Asked Questions section on your website (if not, seriously consider adding one), so make the list more personal by recording answers to the most popular questions. This gives you an opportunity to position yourself and your business as the go-to resource for expert advice.

As you consider the power of YouTube, never forget how much you have to offer your customer community…and how video can expand your organization’s personality and profits.

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