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A Letter to Our Partners Regarding COVID-19

Amit Bhaiya | Coronavirus, Support Team

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Magento Commerce Marketing

Build a Master Marketing Strategy Using Magento Commerce 

Sarah Browning | December 18, 2020

So, your website is successfully running on Magento Commerce. Your products are up, your store is organized, what’s next? In any eCommerce business, having a live, shoppable site is a good start. But, to grow revenue and elevate your eCommerce...

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Designer's Eye

Designer’s Eye: 3 UX Design Details You Can’t Afford to Miss

Sarah Browning | December 10, 2020

An effective customer journey is essential in optimizing key KPIs like conversion rate, bounce rate, AOV, and CLV on your site. In order to launch a site to optimize your KPI numbers, your technical requirements and actions must be planned...

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DotcomWeavers Levels Up to Adobe Solution Partner Silver

Sarah Browning | November 24, 2020

The Adobe Solution Partner Program is an ongoing effort to unite organizations that share a commitment to bringing exceptional service to a wide range of clients. The Solution Partner Program is centered around helping customers achieve their goals and scale...

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5 Tools to Unleash the Power of Magento Commerce B2B

Sarah Browning | October 29, 2020

The modern day B2B eCommerce market is focused on delivering the personalized shopping experience of the B2C market while maintaining a high level of functionality and logistical complexity on the back end. To meet these requirements and optimize your eCommerce,...

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Have You Googled Yourself Lately? Using Customer Reviews to Elevate eCommerce

Sarah Browning |

When it comes to purchasing products online, how do you make the decision to buy? Most of the time, all you have to inform your decision is a product description, some specifications, and maybe a few images. In most cases,...

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Mobile Magic: 3 Tips to Optimize Your Mobile Experience

Sarah Browning | September 29, 2020

8/10 consumers choose to shop online using a smartphone or a tablet.  With that being said, a customer's mobile experience in an online store is arguably the most important when it comes to boosting conversion rates and overall engagement with...

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eCommerce Pain Points that Kill Conversions (Fix Them ASAP!)

Reed Patterson | September 23, 2020

eCommerce customers expect fast, easy, and entertaining shopping experiences. Because you are asking people to spend money on your website, if they encounter even one minor issue, they probably won’t stick around, which means you are losing money. To ensure...

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DCW_Magento 2.4_Blog

Magento 2.4 Release Details

Kris Pursel | August 31, 2020

With everything going on in the world, it can sometimes be hard to see the glass as half full versus half empty. But the reality is that there are new opportunities that come with dramatic changes to the economy and...

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DCW_Holiday Image 2.2

5 Holiday Hacks: eCommerce Site Edition

Sarah Browning |

In the eCommerce industry, adaptation is the name of the game and as the recent COVID-19 pandemic has shown us, no business is completely invincible. But with the Holiday season rapidly approaching, it's time to start considering ways to prepare...

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